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Public Works to Oversee Three Bridge Maintenance Projects

The Goldenwest Street Bridge and Graham Street Bridge, constructed in 1959 and 1961, will have a major makeover. Construction is planned to begin this month and be completed in November 2024. The projects include the removal and replacement of the concrete barriers and chain link fencing, the replacement of joint seals in the concrete sidewalks, the removal and replacement of cracked concrete, the repairing damaged walls, sealing of the bridge deck, the removal and replacement of asphalt concrete pavement, waterproofing pier walls, removal of graffiti, and more.  The maintenance work aims to prolong the service life of these bridges to avoid more costly rehabilitation work in the future. The cost to improve both bridges is approximately $850,000

The Admiralty Bridge in Huntington Harbour will have rehabilitation work done in June. The steel girder bridge was originally constructed in 1963 and seismically retrofitted in 1994. The $5.8 million rehabilitation will include removal and replacement of the concrete barriers, street lighting, sidewalks, and bridge deck; cleaning and painting of I-girders and other steel members; replacement of bearings; removal and replacement of any unsound concrete that could expose internal reinforcement to outdoor elements; removal and replacement of water mainline pipe; construction of a temporary traffic signal system; utility relocation; and other work as required.  Construction will begin in June 2024 and conclude in the first quarter of 2025.