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Agenda Comments

Public Comments, Supplemental Communications and Presentation Materials on Council Agenda ItemsPublic Comments, Supplemental Communications and Presentation Materials on Council Agenda Items: Options to correspond with the City Council on Council agenda items are identified below. Please review each section to determine the method of choice for delivery of information.

PUBLIC COMMENTS: To ensure the public's right to provide meaningful public comments during a scheduled City Council meeting, each published agenda cover sheet provides updated instructions on how members of the public can participate, based on the special circumstances in place for that meeting. Individuals wishing to provide a comment on agendized or non-agendized items including Study Session, Closed Session, and Public Hearing, may do so in person in the City Council Chambers by completing a Request to Speak form delivered to the City Clerk. Sign-ups to Request to Speak will begin in person 30 minutes prior to the start of Study Session, Closed Session, or Regular City Council Meeting, whichever comes first. Sign-ups will be accepted until the commencement of the public comment period. Speakers are encouraged, but not required to identify themselves by name. Each person may have up to 3 minutes to speak, but the Mayor, at their discretion, may reduce the time allowance if warranted by the volume of calls. The Public Comment process will only be active during designated portions of the agenda (Public Comment and/or Public Hearing).

SUPPLEMENTAL COMMUNICATION (information received by the City Clerk's Office following distribution of the Council agenda packet): Members of the public wishing to submit written (supplemental) communication on agenda items for distribution to the City Council and posted for public access on the City's agenda webpage can email [email protected]. Information received by 9:00 AM the day of the meeting will be distributed to Council prior to consideration of agenda-related items, and will be announced, but not read, during the Supplemental Communications portion of the meeting. Information received after 9:00 AM will be made part of the official public record after the meeting.

Presentation materials must be submitted to [email protected] no later than 9:00 AM the day of the meeting.

Members of the audience and speakers shall not wear or display signs that obstruct the view of other audience members. Signs shall remain with the holder and shall not be placed in the adjacent seats or in common areas.