City Seeks Community Feedback On Charter Section 612

The City is seeking to inform the community about Section 612 (formerly Measure C in 1990) of the City’s Charter and solicit feedback in an effort to evaluate if the community desires refinements to the language for a future ballot measure. Section 612 was a voter initiative that was approved by voters during the November 1990 General Election and was incorporated into the Charter thereafter. The original Section 612 requires majority voter approval on matters involving the following, with some exemptions:

  • Sale, lease, transfer or exchange of park and beach lands in Huntington Beach
  • Construction of certain private and public developments on these lands

On the evening of Monday, March 18, the first of two community meetings took place at Huntington Beach Central Library. Approximately 48 people attended the meeting and learned about the history of Section 612 and some of the changes made since its inception. The project website includes all information provided at the meeting and Virtual Survey 1, which closes on Monday, April 1.

The second community meeting will be on Tuesday, April 9, at Central Library from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Attendees will receive an introduction to Section 612, a summary of the community meeting held on Monday, March 18, and continued community discussions.

To learn more about this community engagement program and to take the online survey, please visit: