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Banning Avenue Beautification Project Completed

The City’s Public Works Department has completed a beautification and rehabilitation project of Banning Avenue, stretching from Magnolia Street to Brookhurst Street.

The $4.1 million project aimed to improve street safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. Several upgrades included enhancing the hardscape, street surface, and traffic striping, and four new medians were constructed to help with traffic calming. Striping improvements included new painted bike lane buffers and green paint to improve safety for cyclists.  An extra crosswalk was added to the street segment adjacent to Eader Elementary School at Malibu Lane for pedestrian safety. The new crosswalk and an existing walk at Starfire Lane were enhanced by installing a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB).  The RRFB includes solar pedestrian-activated flashing solar beacon warning oncoming traffic of crosswalk use.

The beautification project planted 100 trees and 1,000 plants and restored the frontage road median. Tree species that were planted within the project include Tristaina Laurinas along the sidewalks, African Tulips in the new medians, and Chinese Flame trees on the frontage median just west of Bushard Street. Plants include a mixture of Little Johns and Variegated Flax.

The street surface between Magnolia Street and Bushard Street was paved using Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC), an eco-friendly road paving material that blends recycled tires with asphalt. This project utilized 2,231 tons of RAC, which helped divert more than 5,000 tires from landfills. Finally, between Bushard Street and Brookhurst Street, a slurry seal was placed to extend the lifespan of the street segment. 

Public Works plans to commence construction on the arterial rehabilitation segments in late summer. The two segments include Edinger Avenue, from Countess Drive to Saybrook Lane, and Talbert Avenue, from West City Limits to Edwards Street.