Oversized Vehicle Parking Permits

Oversized Vehicle Restrictions

All RVs, unattached trailers, and motor vehicles (includes drawing vehicle with attached trailer) longer than 22 feet in length or 84 inches wide are prohibited from parking on any public street or highway in the City of Huntington Beach.

Residents may obtain a permit to park an oversized vehicle at no cost for no more than 3 days at a time, 12 days in month, 144 days in a calendar year. Permits are granted to allow the loading and unloading of oversized vehicles only in front of their home.

The first infraction for an oversized vehicle violation is $82, the second is $164, and the third and any subsequent violation is $246. For information on contesting or paying a parking violation, visit www.pticket.com

Oversized Vehicle Rules/Regulations:

Oversized vehicle permits are available for residents of Huntington Beach. Oversized vehicle permits are granted to allow the loading and unloading of oversized vehicles. Pursuant to 10.44.065HBMC, permits shall be issued to the oversized vehicle only (trailer/Rv) and not the drawing vehicle.

Oversized vehicle permits DO NOT exempt vehicles from street sweeping. Vehicles with valid permits must obey all CVC and HBMC.

Residents are encouraged to use the online permit system. Obtain your oversized vehicle parking permit online. If you are unable to create a permit online, please call (714) 374-5300, Monday through Thursday between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. After regular business hours, you will have the option to leave a detailed voice mail message.

Any violation of the above may result in the revocation of the existing and/or future permits.

The New Oversized Vehicle Ordinance Below Goes Into Effect on December 1st.

Download the oversized vehicle ordiance 4155

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