Surf City Highlights - June 2021

The band, the cheer squad, fans in passing by cars draped with well-wishes, and of course, the Edison Charger mascot - all came out for 33-year-old school administration pro, Vivian Turner.
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A bridge for the homeless, and those that are homeless with medical issues, have found a friend in Wound Walk, who has been setting up their own camp withing the parking lot of Resurrection Lutheran Church - their story with help from HB City Councilwoman, Natalie Moser.
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A most unique approach at presenting a musical comprised of popular and original music and performed by APA students, and directed as a movie for a drive-in audience "Covid-Style".
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In response to some of the negativity of recent events around the City, the Mayor, City Council, elected officials, City staff and entertainers, presented a day-long celebration of cultural diversity and awareness in beautiful Central Park.
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The new Sands magazine is out for summer fun!
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