Newland Barn Security Guard Information

Security is required for all events at the expense of the applicant. The number of security guards required is based on the number of attendees. Two (2) security guards are required for less than 100 attendees and three (3) security guards are required for over 100 attendees.

It will be the responsibility of the security agency to provide the following:

The Security Companies listed below are not endorsed by the City, but is provided purely for the convenience of our customers. The hiring is a business transaction between the customer and the company only. All Security Companies providing service on City property are required to have proper liability insurance on file with the City and a City issued business license. The following companies have met these requirements:

Star Pro International Security & Training, Inc.
8941 Atlanta Avenue, Suite 363
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Terry Covington—Owner
Office: (888) 585-9836
Fax: (657) 464-9343
Email: [email protected]
City Business License # A292454 - Expires 03/31/18
State License # 1462014 - Expires 12/31/18
Liability Insurance - Expires 10/05/18
Patrol One

1820 East First Street, Suite 210
Santa Ana, CA 92705-4063
Nick Johnson
Office: (714) 361-5051
Email: [email protected]
City Business License # A264042 - Expires 09/30/18
State License # 6466 - Expires 07/31/19
Liability Insurance - Expires 04/01/18

Special Events Serving Alcohol:
Any group or individual charging a fee for alcohol or charging a fee for entrance to the event and serving alcohol must obtain a one day ABC permit from the State of California Alcohol Beverage Control Department. Contact the ABC for further information.

State of California
Alcohol Beverage Control
Santa Ana District Office
28 Civic Center Plaza, Room 379
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 558-4101

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