Art Center Rental Rates

Rooms Capacity
Multi-Purpose Room 80
Galleries 200
Kitchen 5
Facility Rooms Civic & Nonprofit Resident Non-Resident Commercial
Multi-Purpose Room: $70.00 per hour
Dinner Event
$150.00 per hour (5-hour minimum)
Wedding Reception $3,000.00 (8-hour maximum)
Daily $100.00
Monthly $500.00 (8-hour maximum)
Alcohol Use Permit $65.00
Deposit (refundable) $500.00
up to 100 attendies
101+ attendies
Addtional Fees
Staff Coverage during Closed Hours
$20.00 per hour
Nonrefundable Application Fee due to Cancellation
Security and/or Technical Assistance during closed hours
$15.00 per hour
*For special seating/banquet arrangements, special equipment or other extras, cleanup, security deposits, and setup fee will vary according to usage.

Nonprofit Rentals
*To obtain nonprofit rates, proof of nonprofit status must be presented at the time of reservation. Acceptable forms of proof are:

Document   Source
Articles of Incorporation as a nonprofit organization   Secretary of State
IRS letter showing organization to be Tax Exempt Services   Internal Revenue
State Franchise Tax Board letter showing Board organization Tax Exempt   Franchise Tax
Certificate of Registration with the State Registry of Charitable Trusts   State Registry of Charitable Funds



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