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Huntington Beach Municipal Code and California Vehicle Code laws related to parking are enforced by a number of Parking Control Officers which patrol the city. Parking control officers drive vehicles painted white typically with yellow colored rotor lights mounted on top. They wear uniforms issued by the Huntington Beach Police Department. When a parking violation is seen, a PCO issues a citation and it is typically placed on the windshield of the vehicle. 


There is now an 800 number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where parking citation information can be obtained referenced by your license plate number. The number is (800) 553-4412.


Payment by phone is possible by calling (800) 565-0148. You can also pay online by going to the following link:

Some other useful links related to parking enforcement are as follows:

Parking control officers utilize trucks in order to patrol the city and to carry traffic control equipment.

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