City Administrators Weekly Report

September 18 , 2007


City Adopts Energy Efficient Fee Waiver Program to Encourage Conservation - The city of Huntington Beach adopted an Energy Efficient Permit Fee Waiver Program, which begins on November 5.  This fee waiver program applies to plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and solar permits issued for systems that either produce energy or save natural resources.  This program is for systems that substantially exceed the current state and federal minimum standards.  Examples include, but are not limited to, photovoltaic (solar) systems, solar water heating systems, tankless water heaters, high efficiency furnaces, and high efficiency air conditioners.  These types of systems are further identified by various state and federal programs for rebates or tax credits.  For more information about the Energy Efficient Permit Fee Waiver Program, contact the city’s Building and Safety Department at 536-5241.


Project Self-Sufficiency – Participants in Project Self-Sufficiency often face overwhelming challenges.  As single parents, their lives can be a delicate balancing act with children, school, and work.  One such participant, Donna, has had her share of obstacles, but through it all she has kept a smile on her face and a can-do attitude.  She has four teenage sons, attends two different college campuses, works part time, and participates in as many PS-S program events as time allows.  A few months ago, one of her obstacles was resolved when a very generous member of the community donated a car to PS-S, and it was given to Donna.  The death of Donna’s mother two months ago placed emotional strains on the family, but still Donna continued to meet all of her obligations.  This past week, the donated car developed insoluble problems, and Donna and her children are again on foot or using the bus.  Remarkably, Donna remains steadfast in achieving her goals.  “I have a job interview scheduled for tomorrow to get a job closer to home and I’m not going to let this get me down.  I will not let this interfere with my school,” Donna told PS-S staff.  It takes courage, diligence, and a fierce desire to succeed to continue the struggle.  Kudos to Donna for all she is accomplishing.  She is a testament to the philosophy of Project Self-Sufficiency.

2007 Fourth of July DVD – If you missed the 103rd Annual 4th of July Parade, you can relive the magic by purchasing a DVD for only $20.  The DVDs are available in Community Services on the fifth floor of the Civic Center.

Plein Air Painters Capture City’s Landscape – Beginning September 15, residents and visitors may catch a glimpse of 1 of the 28 artists painting around town for the Huntington Beach Art Center’s 3rd Annual Plein Air Festival.  This invitational event is aimed at personally connecting some of the area’s most talented landscape painters with individuals in the community.  The artists will paint for approximately two weeks in preparation for the Art Center’s upcoming receptions and sale on September 28 and 29.  Funds raised benefit Art Center programs and exhibitions.  Call 374-1650 or visit for more information.

California Coastal Cleanup Day – Tim Dugan, Adopt-A-Beach Coordinator, reports that Huntington City Beach had a fantastic turnout for California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 15.  Approximately 450 volunteers showed up to pick up over 1,600 pounds of trash and debris.  Marty Haber, one of several city employees who worked the education booth answering question and passing out environmental information, said that every volunteer came back saying they couldn’t believe the amount of cigarette butts in the sand.  Marty estimated over 10,000 cigarette butts were picked up on the beach during the three-hour period on Saturday.  Tim Dugan explains that even with the recent ban on smoking on the city beach, it takes years for cigarette filters to decompose, and cigarette butts are not only put in the sand by beach patrons, but by anyone who throws one on the ground or out their car window.  Unfortunately, everything that makes it into a storm drain will make it into the ocean.

37th Annual Surf Contest - The 37th Annual Huntington Beach Surf Contest was held last weekend on the south side of the pier.  On September 15 and 16, there were 195 participants from the Huntington Beach area who competed for prizes and bragging rights.  This contest was open to all age categories but was limited to those residing in the Huntington Beach High School District area.  The event was run by the city of Huntington Beach Community Services Department and had enormous support from local businesses.  Huntington Surf and Sport donated over $5,000 worth of prizes to winners, as well as providing T-shirts to all of the participants.  Java Point provided coffee and donuts both mornings.  Sugar Shack fed the staff and volunteers on both days.  Duke’s fed all of the participants a fantastic feast at the conclusion of the event on Sunday.  Awards were given for 1st through 6th place in each division, and an overall award was presented to the winner of the Super Heat, Shayne Nelson age 15.


Search For Jobs at HBPL - The Huntington Beach library is participating in a new local program giving job seekers access to local employment opportunities.  A new interactive kiosk, looking a bit like an ATM machine, is in place at the Central library.  Anyone wishing to browse local job openings can use the simple touch-screen kiosk to view jobs offered by local companies.  Job seekers can view, print, email, or text message job descriptions and, in many instances, even apply for jobs at the touch of a finger.  The kiosks are in 16 high-traffic locations throughout Southern California.  They are easy to use, updated daily, and require no resume or registration.  Along with local newspapers, a computer lab, books on careers and resumes, and databases which offer practice employment tests, local residents have a powerful new job search tool at the library.


Senior Center Draft EIR Comment Period Opens - A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR No. 07-02) was released for public review on September 17.  Draft EIR No. 07-02 is available for review at the Planning Department zoning counter, the City Clerk’s Office, the Central Library, and on the city's website at  The 5-acre project site is located within the 356-acre Huntington Central Park and generally located southwest of the intersection of Goldenwest Street and Talbert Avenue.  The Draft EIR analyzes the potential environmental effects associated with the construction and operation of a new one-story senior center (approximately 45,000 square feet) on an undeveloped portion of Central Park.  The Draft EIR begins its mandatory 45-day public comment period on September 17.  The comment period closes on October 31.  A Notice of Availability of the Draft EIR has been mailed to all property owners and tenants within 1,000 feet of the site and to other interested parties.  A public comment meeting will be held on Thursday, October 11, at 6 p.m., in Room C/D of the Huntington Central Library

Beach and Edinger Corridor Study Community Meeting - The city’s Economic Development and Planning Departments will hold a community meeting on the Beach Boulevard/Edinger Corridor Study area on Thursday, September 20, from 6 - 9 p.m., at the Central Library, Lower Level, Room C/D.  This fourth community workshop will focus on the future of the Edinger Avenue Corridor.  The notice is available on the city’s website at If you live, work, or do business along or near Beach Boulevard or Edinger Avenue, we want to hear from you.   For more information, contact Rosemary Medel, Associate Planner, at 536-5271, or Paul DaVeiga, Project Manager, at 536-5544.


Beach Boulevard Resurfacing Project - Beginning Monday, September 24, Caltrans is scheduled to begin a construction project on Beach Boulevard between I-405 and Ellis Avenue to resurface Beach Boulevard.  Caltrans has scheduled the work to be accomplished with a combination of daytime and nighttime work to minimize traffic and neighborhood impacts.  Night work is scheduled to occur between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., and day work is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  During construction, Beach Boulevard will be restricted to one, through-travel lane.  Caltrans expects the work to be completed by the end of November 2007.  Questions regarding the project should be directed to Caltrans Public Affairs at 724-2344.

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The Planning Division offers Second Opinion Services should you feel you need further clarification or additional confirmation regarding your zoning matter.

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