City Administrators Weekly Report

March 25 , 2008


New $5 Bill

The U.S. Treasurer released the newly designed $5 Bill on Thursday, March 13.  Sprinkled with pastel colors, and armed with new counterfeit thwarting features, this new bill ensures enhanced security.  The major change to prevent counterfeiting was to move the security thread from the left of the portrait to the right.  Previously, the Treasury has redesigned the $20 bill in 2003, the $10 bill in 2004, and the $50 bill in 2006 with similar security features.  For the next three weeks, the Federal Reserve will fulfill its orders exclusively with the new bill, so consumers should see them in the mainstream almost immediately.  The City Treasurer’s Department is working to ensure that all of our cashiering equipment will process and accept these new $5 bills.  The older design $5 bills will still retain their value.  For more information on the new $5 bill, check out the Federal Reserve website at .


Huntington Beach Senior Services - Holiday Meals

Senior Services volunteers delivered Easter Meals on Sunday, March 23, to 75 Huntington Beach seniors.  Social Workers pre-selected those who would most benefit from the holiday meal.  The seniors look forward to the festive meal as well as the brief visit from the volunteers.  One senior said, “I am so flattered and amazed that there are people who care so much about me.”  At cost, Sunrise Senior Living prepared a meal of baked ham with pineapple, au gratin potatoes, green beans, rolls, and carrot cake.  Local Girl Scouts handcrafted spring cards for each senior.  The Handy Crafters and the Huntington Beach Council on Aging fund the holiday meals.  In addition to Easter, Holiday Meals are delivered on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  If you are interested in delivering Holiday Meals, contact Diane Swarts, Volunteer Coordinator, at 374-1544, or at [email protected].

Easter Hunt Had Another Successful Year

On Saturday, March 22, the Community Services Department and the Huntington Beach Kiwanis Club hosted the 18th Annual Easter Hunt.  The event at Central Park drew large crowds with approximately 5,000 people attending.  Children up to 8 years of age collected over 1,000 pounds of candy.  There were also wonderful displays by several departments within the city.  Children were invited to climb on various equipment and vehicles provided by Public Works, Fire, Marine Safety, and Police Departments.  The City Clerks Office, Municipal Employees Association, Code Enforcement, and Hazardous Materials had displays and information.  Various games were available for children of all ages.  The Shorelife Church Band provided entertainment throughout the day.  A visit from the Easter Bunny, along with Sparky McGruff, and other characters made it a perfect day for the children.

Marine Safety

On March 20, a 21-foot boat traveling northbound near Tower #24 experienced an electrical fire that disabled the vessel dangerously close to the surf line.  Lifeguard II Doug Leach recognized the trouble, radioed for urgent back-up, and responded to assist the vessel and its four passengers.  Guard Leach was the first to reach the vessel, which was located more than 300 feet offshore inside the surfline, by swimming in 54 degree water.  The passengers had deployed an anchor, but it left the vessel precariously positioned in the impact zone with 3-4 foot breakers crashing against the vessel and its passengers.  Guard Leach ordered the four passengers to don their lifejackets and abandon ship as it was taking on water.  Additional Marine Safety units arrived on scene to assist on paddleboards and help Guard Leach rescue the four, fully-clothed passengers who were in obvious distress.  Once the victims were safe, the guards worked together to cut the anchor line and secure the vessel near shore so that it wouldn’t drift away.  A Marine Safety wave runner later provided assistance to salvage the vessel by deploying a tow line from the tow vessel outside the surfline to the disabled vessel on shore.  The vessel was towed off the beach and out to sea.  All passengers were fine, and the vessel was saved.


Street Improvements

Improvements are taking place on Garfield Avenue at Delaware Street.  This intersection widening and center median project is under construction, with a scheduled completion in June.  Both streets will be constructed to their ultimate widths per the General Plan Circulation Element.  The project includes relocation of Edison, Time Warner, and Verizon lines; as well as an upgraded traffic signal.  Planted center medians will be added to Garfield on each side of Delaware.  Improvements to Delaware include curb, gutter, sidewalk, and a new storm drain catch basin.  Also included in this project is a Filterra Storm water Bioretention Filtration System.  This unit is a non-mechanical treatment process that treats urban runoff through a filtration process that requires little maintenance.  This innovative water quality treatment cycles and immobilizes pollutants to treat low flow urban runoff and will comply with the required Best Management Practices.

Did you know?

The Police Department provides FREE security checks of your home while you are on vacation!  This service is provided courtesy of the HBPD Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).  Sign up online for this free service.

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