City Administrators Weekly Report

July 22, 2008

Community Services Department

Go211 Live Featuring the Honda US Open of Surfing Presented by O'Neill

The Go211 Live includes professional surfing, BMX, skateboarding, freestyle motocross demos, and live music scheduled on the beach by the Pier from July 18 through July 27, with the major days of the event being July 24 through July 27.  Go211 Live is the largest action sports, music, and lifestyle festival in North America.  For more information, visit their website at

Huntington Beach Senior Services

Friday Afternoon at the Movies – The Michael E. Rodgers Seniors Center, located at 1706 Orange Avenue, will be showing the movie “21” on Friday, July 25, at 12:30 p.m.  Director Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde) deals audiences a winning hand with this film based on the bestseller, Bringing Down the House.  It’s a sound bet that you’ll like this fact-based story about six MIT math-letes who swindled millions out of Vegas casinos in the 1990s.  This 100-minute movie is rated PG for violence, sexual content, and partial nudity.  Free movie and free popcorn make this a must see event!  Come early and enjoy the Community Senior Serv lunch at 11:30 a.m. for a recommended donation of $2.50 for seniors 60+.  The menu is taco salad, Spanish rice, and churros.  For more information, call Rodgers Seniors Center at (714) 536-9387.  Seniors on the Go provides transportation for the movies and other activities at Rodgers Seniors Center.  To reserve a ride, call (714) 374-1742.

Living Healthy with a Chronic Condition – The Michael E. Rodgers Seniors Center is hosting this workshop developed by Stanford University Education Research.  The FREE, six-week workshop will be held on Thursdays from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m., beginning July 31, at Rodgers Seniors Center.  Self-Management is the key.  Don’t let fatigue, frustration, pain, sleep loss, depression, or anxiety keep you from enjoying your life.  Workshop topics include: Nutrition and Physical Activity, Communication Skills, Relaxation Techniques, Community Resources, Medication Usage, Self Management & the Individual, and Goal Setting & Problem Solving.  Spaces are limited.  To register, call (949) 923-3437.

Marine Safety

On July 17, a five-year-old boy was tunneling in the sand under a metal storage bin when the sand collapsed and pinned the child’s head under the bin.  Three lifeguards responded and dug the boy out.  He was treated for minor injuries.  On July 18, a 45-year-old man tied a dog leash around his neck, attached the leash to the pier railing, and jumped off the pier in an apparent suicide attempt.  The leash broke and the jumper fell into the ocean where he was initially rescued by a nearby surfer.  Lifeguards pulled the jumper to shore and treated him for a spinal injury and salt water inhalation.  The jumper was then transported to the hospital for further treatment.



Children’s Department - Library Butterfly Launch a Huge Success!

In coordination with this year’s summer reading program theme, Catch the Reading Bug, the Huntington Beach Library Children’s Department educated visiting children with a display of living caterpillars and information about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Children were able to watch the caterpillars spin their cocoons.  A few weeks after the cocoons were formed, Painted Lady butterflies emerged.  On July 15, after 300 children heard a story about butterflies and sang a song about a caterpillar at storytime, a group of children followed storyteller Barbara Richardson as she carried the butterfly cage and marched outside the library.  Once they were outside, the children watched as the butterflies were set free.  The audience cheered and clapped as the Painted Ladies flew away.  Visit our website at for a listing of all scheduled library events.



Code Enforcement Activity for June 2008

For the month of June 2008, Code Enforcement staff opened 271 new cases, conducted 667 inspections, observed 342 violations, and successfully resolved 306 cases within an average of 37 days from initial complaint.  The following is a snapshot of code enforcement cases received for the past 12 months:

Code Enforcement Activity


Aero Bureau Rescue

Water Use Lowest in 20 Years
Congratulations to our water users!   In the most recent water year, July 2007 through June 2008, the city of Huntington Beach customers used less water than any time since 1988.  Over the past 20 years, our highest year was 1990, when  we consumed12,937,262,253 gallons, or 39,703 acre feet of water.  The 2008 usage totaled 10,380,635,307 gallons, or 31,857 acre feet.  This was a reduction of almost 20% over 1990.  Even with the population increase of an estimated 30,000 residents, the per capita water production was reduced from 195 gallons to 140 gallons per day.  As the statewide water shortage continues, all residents and businesses are urged to continue conserving water wherever possible.  Easy water savers are reducing outdoor irrigation, using a broom instead of a hose, taking shorter showers, and washing only full loads of laundry and dishes.  For more conservation tips, to receive conservation literature, or to learn more about conservation programs, call the Water Operations Division at (714) 536-5921 or visit

Did you know?

The city has over 1,000 parking spaces near the beach!  You can purchase the Annual Beach Parking pass that allows discounted parking prices near the City beach.  Learn more about this beach parking pass.

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