City Administrators Weekly Report

February 27, 2007


PC Buddy Club - On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, the PC Buddy Club meets at Rodgers Seniors' Center from 2 - 4 p.m. Experienced teachers moderate the club and answer your most troubling computer questions. Guest speakers address a variety of current topics in the computer industry. The club is fun and free.

Gourmet Pizza Class - Have you been waiting to learn how to make pizza crust with the proper baking method? Now you have an opportunity to make not only three different crusts but also delicious pizzas such as Sicilian, barbecued chicken, caramelized onion and chicken, vegetarian, and more. The evening cooking class starts on March 6 with a $33 fee and $10 materials fee. Register at Edison Community Center at 960-8870.

Friday Afternoon at the Movies - On Friday, March 2, at 12:30 p.m., enjoy a free afternoon at the movies with complimentary popcorn at Rodgers Seniors' Center. "Good Night and Good Luck" will be shown, which takes place in 1953 when television was still a novelty in America's living rooms. On it, Senator Joseph McCarthy uses fear, falsehoods, and belligerence to become arguably the most powerful man in the land. Newsman Edward R. Murrow, who's had his fill of the senator's tactics, fights back. With David Straithairn and George Clooney in the starring roles, this movie is rated PG and runs for 93 minutes. For more information, call 536-9387.

Age Wave: Are You Ready for the Ride? - This week, 22 volunteers graduated from the Age Wave volunteer, five-week, training class at Rodgers Seniors' Center. Senior Services staff covered topics including: Baby Boomers Redefining Aging, Biological & Psychological Changes with Aging, Preventing Elder Abuse, Techniques in Helping People Cope with Loss, and The Aging Network & Community Resources. This free class on aging prepares volunteers, as well as anyone coping with an aging loved one, and will be offered again in the fall. For more information, please contact Diane Swarts, Volunteer Coordinator, at 374-1544.

Don't Miss the Bus! - Join us at 10:45 a.m., on March 5, at Rodgers Seniors' Center for an informative presentation and demonstration by OCTA. You'll learn how the bus gives millions of seniors their freedom to do the things they love most. Whether it's catching a ride to the mall or visiting the grandkids, OCTA can get you there. As long as you are at Rodgers, plan to stay for the Feedback Foundation Project TLC lunch at 11:30 a.m. For a donation of $2.50 ($3.50 under 60), enjoy a delicious Chicken Marsala meal. Call Rodgers Seniors' Center for more information at 536-9387.

Beach Parking & Camping - Although February is not a typical beach month, parking has definitely been in demand with the unseasonably warm weather. The campground has been at full capacity every weekend and 75 percent full during the week. In order to facilitate the extra traffic in the camping area, beach patrons have been re-routed to the Huntington Street entrance for parking. Camping will be closed March 16 through March 28 for the National Professional Paintball Series at the beach, which is expected to draw a crowd of 30,000. Starting March 6 through May 22, the Main Promenade Parking Structure will offer two hours free parking for Tuesday Locals' Night from 2 - 9 p.m.


Zoning Administrator Approved Newland Street Improvements - The Zoning Administrator approved the Negative Declaration (No. 05-05) and Coastal Development Permit (No. 05-07) for the Newland Street Improvements on February 21. The proposed project widens and improves Newland Street from Pacific Coast Highway to Hamilton Avenue, including widening the reinforced concrete bridge at Huntington Channel, installation of storm drain improvements, raising the profile of Newland Street to improve traffic visibility, and providing a left turn lane at the intersection of Newland and Edison Way. Construction of the proposed improvements is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2007. The Department of Public Works, who will manage the design and construction of the project, was the applicant for the entitlements. These permits were necessitated by the project being situated both in the Coastal Zone and proximate to an environmentally sensitive habitat.

Did you know?

The city has over 1,000 parking spaces near the beach!  You can purchase the Annual Beach Parking pass that allows discounted parking prices near the City beach.  Learn more about this beach parking pass.

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