City Administrators Weekly Report

February 20, 2007


Art at the Beach - There are still a few openings for the children's spring art camp starting April 2. For children ages 6 to 12, this one-week class explores a variety of visual and performing arts and recreational activities. Daily projects will be chosen that include drawing, painting, music, dance, sculpture, and other art media. Camp fee is $190 for full-day sessions and $115 for a half-day. Please call the Huntington Beach Art Center for more information at 374-1650.

Crash Course in Dog Training - A six-hour, fast-paced dog training course is being offered at Murdy Community Center beginning March 13 and ending April 3. Corrections for problems such as destructive chewing, jumping on people, digging, and nuisance barking will be addressed, in addition to basic obedience commands. Cost is $62 for this four-week, evening class.

Marine Safety - On February 10, at 5 p.m., a 42-year-old kite surfer fell off his board on the north side of the Municipal Pier. The strong wind current pushed the kite surfer into the pier. The kite and line wrapped around the pier as the kite surfer became entangled. Marine Safety Officer II Mike Bartlett responded to the scene on a rescue board, while Marine Safety Officer II Chris Clarke prepared to jump off the pier. Bartlett was able to rescue the kite surfer and return him safely to shore. Marine Safety Statistics for January 2007 were as follows: Attendance - 317,025; Public Contacts - 10,065; Rescues - 3; Preventative Actions - 81; Law Enforcement Contacts - 1,799; Medical Aids - 11; Beach Hazard Warning/Removal - 21; Beach Events - 13; Drownings - 0.


Tsunami Certification and Workshop - On February 5, the city was certified as TsunamiReady by the National Weather Service. As part of the certification process, informational packets were sent to 21,000 residents who live in pre-identified evacuation areas of the city. The packets included information on responding to a tsunami and on a workshop that would be held to further educate them on this vital subject. On February 6, 185 residents attended the workshop led by Geophysicist Dr. Mark Legg, Fire Chief Duane Olson, and Emergency Operations Coordinator Glorria Morrison. The trio discussed the steps the city has taken to become TsunamiReady, details of its Tsunami Response Plan, and how the public should respond if faced with a tsunami warning. The feedback from the workshop was very positive and indicated that community members appreciated the educational opportunity. The workshop was aired on HBTV-3 and is achieved on the city's website under "council live and archived videos."


January 2007 Water Consumption - Weather-based or "smart" irrigation controllers are the latest tool for saving water on your landscape. Once programmed, these devices insure that the correct amount of water is applied to your landscape based on the time of year, the climate, and real-time weather data. Rebates are available. Call (866) 846-3725 or visit for more information.

Water Consumption Graph

Emergency Repairs on Alabama Street - On Thursday, February 15, Public Works crews responded to a reported pavement failure on Alabama Street near Detroit Avenue. Four sections of pavement approximately six feet wide by twenty feet long were showing rippling and cracking. The affected areas were immediately closed to traffic. The source of the problem was determined to be a broken connection from a water service to the water main. The failures were caused by the water flowing into the storm drain trench line and saturating the soil until the pavement above it failed. The connection was repaired Thursday evening, and the holes were filled with temporary asphalt. The street is open to traffic but will have parking restrictions until street repairs can be completed.

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