City Administrators Weekly Report

Aug 05, 2008


Fred Wilson Appointed As City Administrator for Huntington Beach

Following the City Council action of August 4, Fred Wilson will be joining the City as City Administrator.  Mr. Wilson is currently the City Manager for the City of San Bernardino.  His starting date for the City of Huntington Beach is September 22.  Fred has had an extensive career in public administration.  He has been the City Manager/Administrator in San Bernardino for 12 years.  He also served as the city’s Assistant City Administrator for six years, and prior to that time served in the position of Assistant to the City Administrator for three years, for a total of twenty-one years with San Bernardino.  In his current role, Fred exercises oversight over the city’s $250 million dollar budget with approximately 1,200 employees in 12 departments.  Prior to working for the City of San Bernardino, Fred worked in various administrative capacities for the cities of Chino and Simi Valley.  Mr. Wilson, age 49, has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Cal State University, Northridge and a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  Fred is married with two children, a nine-year-old daughter and a college aged daughter (20) attending Cal Poly Pomona.


Huntington Beach Senior Services

The Seniors on the Go transportation program had a record month in July, providing over 3,200 rides for Huntington Beach seniors.  Additionally, the transportation program supplied vehicles and volunteer drivers for the July 4th parade shuttle service.  The seven volunteers; John McGrew, Andrew Gemmell, Ed Vackar, Joan Thaler, Chuck Nelson, Ron Lesovsky, and David Downs, transported 467 passengers between City Hall and Lake Park during the parade.  Huntington Beach Senior Services provides transportation to Huntington Beach seniors 55+ five days per week for all transportation needs within Huntington Beach.  Medical transportation is also available to Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, and Orange Coast Memorial Hospital.  A volunteer escort is available to provide extra assistance on errands and appointments when needed.  Seniors on the Go transportation encourages senior residents to beat gas prices and let them do the driving round trip from your home to Rodgers Seniors Center.  Book your ride today.  Call (714) 374-1742 between 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Huck Finn Fishing Derby

Saturday was a great day at the pier for the 250 participants and their families in the 45th Annual Huck Finn Fishing Derby.  As the children, ages up to 15, grabbed their lucky spot, parents watched on and untangled fishing lines.  Sponsors donated so many prizes that no one went away empty handed.  The top prizes were two bikes donated by Sport Chalet, along with a full assortment of fishing gear and fishing trips.  Let’s Go Fishing donated enough bait for everyone.  Members of Fish Talk Radio presented many prizes and secured donated items including fishing trips, poles, and other tackle.  Poles and assistance were available from the Department of Fish and Game.  The prize for the largest fish caught went to Thoung Thayer, age 11, who landed a 1.3 lb yellow fin croaker.

Movies at Pier Plaza

Free movies at Pier Plaza will be presented on Wednesday and Thursday nights, August 13 and 14.  Huntington Beach is the Southern California stop for the TripAdvisor Traveling Movie Tour, which will feature travel-inspired movies.  On Wednesday, the film Roman Holiday will be presented.  From 1953, this movie features a bored and sheltered princess who escapes her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman in Rome.  The second film on the following night is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles from 1987.  This film follows a man struggling to travel home for Thanksgiving with an obnoxious shower ring salesman as his only companion.  Films will begin at sunset.


Beach and Edinger Specific Plan Environmental Assessment No. 2008-008

The Beach and Edinger Specific Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) and Notice of Preparation (NOP) were released on Thursday, July 31, for a 30-day review period.  When drafted, the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will analyze the project area as a Program EIR and address four specific sites as project specific EIRs.  The proposed Specific Plan area extends along Beach Boulevard from the boundary of the Coastal Zone in the south, specifically the southeast corner of Atlanta Avenue, including the commercial portions of the Seabridge Specific Plan (SP 3) and the Pacifica Community Specific Plan (SP2), and through and including Beach Boulevard’s intersection with Edinger Avenue within city boundaries.  The Specific Plan area then extends westward along Edinger Avenue to Goldenwest Street, which includes the southwest, southeast, and northwest commercial corners at the intersection in the northern portion of the city in western Orange County.  The total acreage of the Specific Plan area would be approximately 459 acres.  Because future development along the Specific Plan area is envisioned differently along different portions of the corridor, the Specific Plan area has been divided into five general areas or segments and their environs.  A scoping meeting will be held on Thursday, August 21, at the Central Library, 7111 Talbert Avenue, rooms C & D, from 6 - 9 p.m.  Final comments must be received by Friday, August 29. 

Neighborhood Workshop Held July 23

Staff from the Planning and Economic Development Departments held their second Neighborhood Workshop on July 23.  The goal of the Neighborhood Workshops is to proactively inform residents of the city’s Neighborhood Preservation, Housing Rehabilitation, Green Building efforts, the various tools and resources available through these programs, and to encourage residents to take active roles in preserving the quality of their neighborhood.  This workshop, held at the Ted Fischer Headstart School on Hammon Lane, was presented to residents living in the neighborhood west of Springdale, south of Rancho Road, and North of Spa Drive.  Forty-four residents attended the meeting and openly discussed common opportunities and priorities for their neighborhood.  The majority of those in attendance appreciated that the city was willing to take time and meet with them to discuss their neighborhood concerns and expressed a desire to hold another Neighborhood Workshop in six months to follow-up on items, chart progress, and discuss any additional concerns or issues.  Staff will be following up with the residents to maintain an open dialogue, to assist them in addressing the opportunities and priorities brought up at the July 23rd meeting, and to begin planning for a follow-up workshop per the residents’ request in six months.  The next workshop is being planned for late August or early September and will be presented to residents living in the neighborhood located south of Warner Avenue, east of Beach, west of Newland, and north of Talbert.  For more information on the Neighborhood Workshops, please contact Neighborhood Preservation Manager Bill Zylla via e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at (714) 536-5274.

Applications Sought for Environmental Award

The Environmental Board Award shall be presented to one residential and one commercial applicant that demonstrates a project or achievement is of benefit to the environment and the community.  The Board is now accepting applications for this year’s award.  The project or activity must have been completed within the last three years.  All Huntington Beach businesses, community organizations, schools, and individuals are eligible and encouraged to apply to receive recognition for their efforts to preserve, conserve, and protect our community’s environment.  Of particular interest are those projects that have implemented energy or water conservation measures.  Complete the application and return it to Ms. Rosemary Medel, City of Huntington Beach, Environmental Board Liaison, 2000 Main Street, PO Box 190, Huntington Beach, 92648.  If you have any questions, please call (714) 536-5271.  Application deadline is Friday, October 10, 2008, by 5 p.m.  The application is available at


Commercial Vehicle Checkpoint

The Police Department has joined forces with local law enforcement agencies to participate in high visibility commercial traffic enforcement.  The purpose of this enforcement is to enhance the safety of citizens driving through our community.  On July 22, Commercial Enforcement Officers from the California Highway Patrol, Anaheim PD, Cypress PD, Brea PD, Tustin PD, Irvine PD, State Air Resource Board, and Huntington Beach PD conducted a commercial vehicle checkpoint in the area of Bolsa and Springdale.  The checkpoint operated from 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. and resulted in 91 commercial vehicles being stopped and inspected.  Twelve (13%) were found to be in full compliance with the regulations relating to commercial vehicles.  Seventy-nine trucks (87%) had one or more violation.  Officers issued 71 citations, 14 vehicles were placed out of service until their safety violations were repaired, and 7 vehicles were towed.  The Police Department will conduct similar checkpoints throughout the year.

New Crime Reporting

The Police Department recently went live with an on-line way for members of the community to submit police reports involving crimes committed within the city.  This online crime reporting system can be used to report only certain crimes, such as harassing phone calls, thefts, hit and runs, vandalisms, lost property, and vehicle burglaries.  Since mid-July when the system became available to the public, there have been 13 crime reports filed using the on-line program.  Although it doesn’t appear to be that large of a number, it saved the Police Department approximately 15 hours of time that would have required an officer to take the report.  Once the system becomes better known in the community, we expect the number of reports filed to rise and to save officers even more time that can be spent patrolling the streets.


Public Transit Services Meeting

A Town Hall Meeting will be held on Thursday evening, August 14, to discuss newly proposed express transit services and general public transit needs.  The meeting will begin at 6 p.m., at the Murdy Community Center, located at 7000 Norma Drive.   Resident and business owner involvement is encouraged.  As a result of Phase One of OCTA’s Go Local Program, new express transit services are proposed that will connect Huntington Beach to Metrolink and to other cities in the area.  The Solis Group is the consultant to the city for the Go Local Transit Needs Assessment Study.  For additional information on the study, please contact The Solis Group, at (626) 685-6989.  Email correspondence may be directed to Joe Carroll at [email protected].

Pier Sewer Main Replacement

A purchase order has been issued to replace the corroded sewer main on the pier.  Four bids were received, and the project was awarded to Jamison Engineering, the low bidder, in the amount of $63K.  Construction is scheduled to begin on August 5, at 10 p.m.  Work hours on this project, as well as extended closure hours for the pier, are from 10 p.m. - 8 a.m.  The Community Services Department, in conjunction with Public Works, successfully negotiated with Ruby’s to reduce restaurant hours for the mornings to reduce the overall construction time.  The contractor is allowed ten days per contract, however, and estimated completion is six days


Did you know?

Zoning Administrator meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. Meeting Agendas, Action Agendas, and Minutes are available to view online.

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