City Administrators Weekly Report

April 08 , 2008


Huntington Beach Council on Aging’s Spring Fling

On Thursday, April 10, at 1 p.m., the Huntington Beach Council on Aging (COA) will host its annual Spring Fling luncheon at the Michael E. Rodgers Seniors Center.  At this luncheon each year, the COA honors its long-time members, those members who have supported the COA for 10 or more years.  Inez Smith became a COA member in 1975 and, with 33 years, is the member with the most longevity.  Fran Ritchey, Marie Slovacek, John Jankowski, Rosemary Newell, Shirley Rowl, Tess & Jud Stevens, and Jim Townsend have belonged to the COA for 25 years or more.  In all, the COA will be recognizing 170 COA members who have been members of the COA for 10 or more years.  Suzanne’s Catering will be serving a delicious chicken parmesan lunch and 3 for the Show, a musical trio, will serve up a cool musical cocktail with a twist.  The COA welcomes all who are interested to the luncheon although seating is limited and pre-paid reservations of $5.00 are required.  For more information, call Rodgers Seniors Center 714-536-9387 or log onto the COA website @

Beach Operations

Beach Operations’ officials report that paintball clean up this year is going extremely well.  Scott Smith, Beach Operations staff member who was designated to oversee the operation from the city’s perspective, guesstimates well over 95% of the paintballs have already been removed from the sand and parking lots.  He credits this year’s quicker clean up to Beach Maintenance overseeing the clean up from morning to night.  They ensured there was no breakdown of any area of the event before all visible paintballs were removed.  Mr. Smith indicated that although the clean up is going well, there will be more involvement next year between paintball officials and Rainbow Environmental Services .  Beach Division personnel have been, and will be, using beach rakes and beach sanitizers to complete the clean up before next weekend.


Firefighters Go Green

Even though the fire trucks are red, the Fire Department is going green.  Eco-friendly shopping bags, with the Huntington Beach Fire Department identification, are being distributed to all fire stations.  These bags will be used in place of plastic or paper grocery bags when shopping for food on duty.  This is part of a city-wide effort to be environmentally conscious.  Using these reusable bags will help reduce the consumption of plastic and paper bags, which have a negative impact on our environment.


The Brookhurst Street Landscape Enhancement Project is underway.  The project is located on Brookhurst directly north and south of Yorktown Avenue on the east side of the street.  The project consists of removing existing trees, asphalt paving, wood rail fencing on the frontage road islands, and installing new trees, landscaping, and irrigation.  Construction includes new access ramps on the median and the adjacent residential street corners.  The general contractor is Mega Way Enterprises from Pomona.  The $700,000 project is financed by a combination of Federal Transportation Enhancement Act (TEA), Gas Tax, and CDBG funds.  TEA landscape grants funds are highly competitive; however, this project qualified partially due to high volume of daily trips along Brookhurst.  A completion date of early June is anticipated.

Did you know?

The Police Department provides FREE security checks of your home while you are on vacation!  This service is provided courtesy of the HBPD Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).  Sign up online for this free service.

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