Beach Volleyball Rules and Availability

Beach Volleyball

Due to scheduled volleyball events, beach events, specific events and/or special beach events, public use of the Pier volleyball courts and beach parkings lots will be extremely limited and no guarantee that all or any court will be available for public use. Events, dates and times are subject to change without notice.
MC 1308.080:No Person shall engage in the business of soliciting, distributing, selling or peddling any liquids or edibles for human consumption, or to hawk, peddle or vend any goods, wares or merchandise on the Beach or Adjacent Beach Area, except pursuant to a permit issued by the Director. No Person shall give, set up or maintain any exhibition, show performance, concert, lecture, entertainment or similar activity on the Beach or Adjacent Beach Area without written permission to do so from the Director. No Person shall for profit offer sports camps, sports lessons or other similar activity on the Beach, Adjacent Beach Area, or in the Water Activity Zone without the written permission of the Director. (769-7/60, 3606-6/03, 3930-2/12, 4118-5/17)
US Open of Surfing: Remove poles Saturday, July 6
  SPRING 2019 SUMMER 2018 FALL 2018
Beach Volleyball Adult Beginners: 4/16 - 5/28 7/18 - 8/28 9/11 - 10/23
Beach Volleyball Adult Intermediate: 4/18 - 5/30 7/19 - 8/30 9/13 - 10/25
Beach Volleyball Boys Advanced:   7/16 - 9/2 9/10 - 10/28
Beach Volleyball Girls Advanced:   7/16 - 9/2 9/10 - 10/28
Beach Volleyball Boys Training:   7/16 - 8/29 9/11 - 10/25
Beach Volleyball Girls Training :   7/16 - 8/29 9/11 - 10/25
Junior Spikers Beach Camp:   6/25 - 8/31  


2. NET ADJUSTMENT - The courts have adjustable nets and you are allowed to adjust nets to the pre-determined levels set on the poles.

3. AVAILABLE VOLLEYBALL COURTS - Generally, courts are available at the Pier, 9th Street, Beach Blvd., and adjacent to the beach concession stands. The number of courts available can vary based on time of year and other planned beach activities.

4. PORTABLE NETS - There are additional poles located at 9th Street and Beach Blvd. and public can bring their own nets.

5. CHALLENGE COURTS - Specific courts are not set aside as “Challenge Courts” however, groups may use a court for a period of time and have challenge games.

6. ETIQUETTE - Behavior, including verbal or physical abuse, abuse of nets or poles, excessive profanity, public drunkenness, or actions that interfere with the well-being, safety, and enjoyment of other players will not be tolerated. For safety reasons personal items such as chairs, umbrellas, ice chests should not be placed in between courts. Players exhibiting unacceptable behavior may be removed from the courts by a HB City Lifeguard or the HB Police.

7. RULES OF THE GAME - Rules shall be appropriate to the level of play. Where there are disparate levels of play, rules shall apply to the higher level (e.g. in hand setting). No referees are present. The policy is to call your own fouls and settle disputes with a replay.

8. PRACTICE - Practices (either team or individual) are allowable only if there are no players waiting for a court. Coaches or trainers who receive payment for training services are advised that they must secure the appropriate permits from the Community Services Department before conducting such sessions or may be subject to civil action per the City’s municipal code.

9. PERMITTED EVENTS - City-permitted events and City conducted programs and events have priority over first come, first serve for the defined number of courts within the permit.

10. ENFORCEMENT - These are guidelines. The City is asking for voluntary compliance so that everyone can enjoy their beach volleyball play in Huntington Beach.

Contact us:
Community Services Department
2000 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648-2702

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Chris Cole - Specific Events Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (714) 374-5312

Did you know?

Did you know the Historic ResourcesĀ Board has organized a Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Huntington Beach? Pick up your walking tour brochure today on the 3rd floor of City Hall! Check out the Historic Huntington Beach webpage for more information!

Beach Volleyball

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