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Portable POD Permits

When residents are moving or refurbishing their home, sometimes temporary storage pods are needed to protect personal items.  These storage bins are permissible on a temporary basis, but there are some rules that will keep you from running afoul of city code enforcement. 

  • Private Property – Portable On Demand (POD) storage bins are permitted on private property such as a driveway, as long as it does not encroach on a public right of way such as a sidewalk or street.  Encroachment permits can be obtained by residents if there is insufficient space on private property for the POD. 
  • Permit Application for POD Placement on a street – If the POD is eight feet or less in width, residents can apply for a permit to place a POD on a City Street for a maximum of seven days.  Click here to register for a permit. 
  • PODs may be placed: 
    • In front of permittee’s residence. 
    • In a legal parking space adjacent to the curb. 
  • PODs may NOT be placed:
    • In front of driveways, bus stops, accessible curb ramps, fire hydrants, colored curb markings, and pedestrian crosswalks. 
    • In a manner that restricts access to public utilities on the street or sidewalk (such as a storm drain, utility box, etc.). 
    • In a location that impairs visibility or creates unsafe conditions for vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Huntington Beach Public Works Department at 714-536-5431.