Water & Wastewater (Sewer) Rate Update

In Huntington Beach, most homes, businesses, schools, and industries are connected to the City’s extensive water and sewer network, which requires ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Customer rates pay for these essential utility services and projects that protect public health. At the April 16 City Council meeting, a public hearing was held to adjust water and wastewater rates per Proposition 218 requirements. Staff presented the infrastructure need, the proposed water and wastewater rates, and the steps required for the rate adjustment process.

After closing the public hearing and discussing your questions with staff, the City Council, recognizing the importance of your input, approved a reduced version of the proposed water and sewer rate adjustments. This decision, which was made with your needs in mind, defers approximately 25% of the planned water and sewer capital improvement program (CIP) projects over the next five years. Rate adjustments will begin July 1, 2024. Notices of any water and sewer rate adjustments will be provided through your monthly municipal bill starting June 1.

To ensure transparency, Public Works staff updated the Utilities Division webpage to make the following documents publicly available:

  • Water Master Plan
  • Sewer Master Plan
  • Water Rate Study
  • Sewer Rate Study
  • Water CIP List (Reduced)
  • Sewer CIP List (Reduced).

The page can be viewed at the following link:


To ensure stakeholders were well-informed about the April 16 Public Hearing, the City took extensive measures. We mailed out nearly 100,000 Prop 180 notices to residents and businesses, included water/sewer rate potential increase messages in each water bill, posted announcements on social media platforms, wrote articles for the City’s Surf City Break newsletter, shared informative videos on HBTV and hosted two public workshops.