Submit a Code Complaint


  1. Go to the home page and click on Report a Code Enforcement Issue icon under "Code Enforcement"

  2. Once you are on the "Online Application" screen, read the disclaimer and accept. Then, click on Continue Application to proceed.

  3. Enter in the violation address (street no. and street name) and click Search.

  4. A pop-up will appear with search results. If there are multiple search results, mark the address with the correct address and click Select. Click Continue Application once you have confirmed the address, parcel and owner.

  5. Provide a detailed description of the code violation. Please note that the description will be viewable to the public.

  6. Request or decline updates on the code complaint by selecting “Yes” or “No”.

  7. Click Add New to provide the complainant’s contact information. Then, click Continue Application to proceed.

  8. Select Add to attach files associated with the complaint. If not, select Continue Application to proceed.

  9. Review all of the information provided and click Continue Application. If adjustments are needed, you can edit by clicking the “Edit” button.

  10. The submittal is now complete. Please write down the Record Number for status check.

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