Out of City Contractor Business License Application

How to Submit Online Application for Business License


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You may submit an online business license application for 2 types of businesses:

To apply for a license type not listed, please call or email our office.


To apply for a Business License for an Out of City Contractor:

Both of the following must apply to you and/or your business:


From the Home page, select the Business License tab

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Step 1: People> Contact Details









Step 2:  Information> Details

If you do not provide the information, you will receive an error message when selecting Continue Application:

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  • then click Continue


    Step 3: Documents> Documents

    • You must complete and upload the Application for Business License for CSLB Contractors
      • If you are not the Business Owner or Officer of the company, you must also upload an Authorization Letter from the company.
        • Click Add to attach documents

        • then click Continue
        • Click Add again

        • then click Continue
        • Attach the file containing the Authorization Letter

        • then click Continue
        • Indicate that you have attached Correspondence

        • then click Continue
        • Provide a Detailed Description of Business Activity

        • then click Continue
        • Click Save

        • then click Continue
        • Then click Continue Application

        • then click Continue


    Step 4: Review

    • Review all the information you have provided
      • If anything is incorrect, click Edit

      • then click Continue
      • After scrolling through all the information and verifying everything is correct, at the bottom of the page:
        • Read the disclaimer
        • Click the checkbox
        • Click Continue Application

        • then click Continue


    Step 5:  Pay Fees

    • Click Continue Application to proceed to the payment page

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