Resubmittal Guide for Building Permit Applications

(If you have not already created an account, please see How to Create an Account. You are required to be a registered user in order to upload documents to a record.)

  1. Login to your account at
  2. To search for your record on the portal, go to Building, then Search Applications. Under General Search, enter your Record Number, then click on Search.
  3. On your record, Click on Record Info --> Attachments.
  4. Then click on “Add."

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  5. You should see a file upload box pop-up.
  6. Click on Add again. Then, it should prompt you to select the files from your computer to upload.

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  7. Once you have uploaded the documents, the system will automatically send a notification to our permit technicians and we will process it in the order that the documents are submitted and route to the plan checkers. Please allow 3-5 working days for us to process resubmittal and revisions.


*To ensure the revision or resubmittal process will move along as predicted with no delays, please submit a full set of revised plans and include response/transmittal letter with your submittal.  Also refer to the electronic plan requirements in link:

**For revisions (plan changes to issued permit); please upload revision documents to the original record (ex: B2020-001234), a new revision record (ex: B2020-001234.REV01) will be created after documents are reviewed by a permit technician for completeness. Revision records are for purposes of viewing status of review only. All subsequent revision uploads shall be on the original record. Approval documents download will also be on the original record. 

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