Engineering Records

  1. Go to the home page and click on the Search Applications icon under “Engineering”
  2. In the General Search form, there are different search criteria available. The search that will return with the most results is by Street No. and Street Name; then enter a date range.
  3. Click the Search button near the bottom to execute the search. You can refine the search by changing, adding or removing search criteria until the search is successful.
  4. A successful search will display the query results. Click on Record Number in blue to view the record. 
  5. The record information screen will indicate the permit number, type of permit and permit status. To view more information, click on Record Info. There are six types of information available to view.
    • Record Details will have information on address, project description and application information.
    • Processing Status will have information on permit and plan check status. The hourglass location indicates the current project progress. Clicking on the black triangle will also show more detail of the status.


    • Related records shows any permits that are related.


    • Attachments will show any scanned documents related to the record.


    • Inspections will allow you to request inspections and view inspection records related to the record.


    • Valuation Calculator will show the job valuation of the record.

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