Code Enforcement Records

  1. Go to the "Help Center Home Page" and click on the "Search for Records and Check Status" icon, then click on Code Enforcement Records.

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  2. In the General Search form, there are different search criteria available. The search that will return with the most results is by Street No. and Street Name; then enter a date range.
  3. Click the Search button near the bottom to execute the search. You can refine the search by changing, adding or removing search criteria until the search is successful.
  4. A successful search will display the query results. Click on Record Number in blue that is hyperlinked to view the record.

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  5. The record information screen will indicate the record number, type of record such as Code Complaint (CC) or Code Violation (CV) and record status. To view more information, click on Record Details.

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  6. Code Enforcement has two types of records to view:

    a) Code Complaint - All code complaints received are processed as Code Complaint (CC) records on intake

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    b) Code Violation - If a code complaint received is determined to be an actual violation, the complaint is converted to a Code Violation (CV) record

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Code Enforcement Contacts

Code Enforcement Contact Email Address
Jimmy Hoang, Code Enforcement Supervisor [email protected]
Devin Michaelis, Code Enforcement Officer II [email protected]
Eric Tlilayatzi, Code Enforcement Officer I [email protected]
Carol Menendez, Senior Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Kenneth Waldecker, Senior Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Bobby Avina, Code Enforcement Officer II [email protected]
Gerardo Jimenez, Code Enforcement Officer I [email protected]
Roy Hernandez, Code Enforcement Officer I [email protected]
Janice Cross, Code Enforcement Technician [email protected]
Vinh Vo, Code Enforcement Technician [email protected]
Seth Larrea, Code Enforcement Technician [email protected]

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