Fire Inspections

  1. Go to the Accela Citizen Access home page and log in using your username/e-mail and password.  Click on the Schedule an Inspection icon under "Fire".

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  2. Your records will display at the top of the page. Select a project from this list or scroll down to perform a search. In the General Search form, there are different search criteria available. The most accurate way to search is by Record Number. You can also search by the address, parcel or other criteria.

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  3. Click the Search button near the bottom to execute the search. You can refine the search by changing, adding or removing criteria until the search is successful.
  4. A successful search will display the query results. View Record Info to verify address and permit description. 
  5. Once you have verified that you are on the correct permit, click on Record Info, Inspections, then Schedule or Request an Inspection.

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  6. Select the inspection type by clicking on the circular button. Then, click Continue to proceed.

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  7. Select the date you would like the inspection to occur, select “All Day”, and hit the continue button. Please note there is a 3-Day buffer for all requested inspections. 
  8. Verify contact information and location of inspection, then click Continue
  9. Please take a moment to verify that all information is correct, including the inspection type selected and the contact information. Add an additional note for the inspector if needed, and then click Finish. Your inspection request is complete. 

Did you know?

The Huntington Beach Fire Department conducts free home fire safety inspections for seniors.  You can also get a free smoke detector with a 10 year battery and carbon monoxide detector installed.  This free service is provided by Project SHIP senior home inspection program volunteers. You can schedule an appointment online or call 714-374-1615.

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