Sustainability = "Meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations".

Ocean Friendly Gardens TM by Surfrider Foundation

Low Impact Development (LID) or Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure helps stop runoff pollution by capturing rainwater and either storing it for use later or letting it filter back into the ground, replenishing vegetation and groundwater supplies. Examples of green infrastructure include green roofs, street trees (yes, simply trees next to streets) expanded green space, rainwater barrels, rain gardens/sponge gardens and Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG's) and permeable pavement. These solutions have the added benefits of beautifying neighborhoods, cooling micro-climates created in city environments (think concrete and asphalt), cleansing the air, reducing asthma, lowering heating and cooling energy costs and boosting local economies.



Graywater is the terminology for the diversion of water outflows from dish washing, laundry machines, showers and bathtubs to be used for irrigation of yards and our landscape. Graywater is different from Blackwater. Blackwater is human and animal wastewater, and is under no circumstances fit for any type of irrigation in an urban environment.

There are many diverse opinions on graywater, favorable and non-favorable, and its place, use and value in society. As Southern California grapples with the reality of water shortages and as climate change may decrease future snowfall in the Sierra Mountains, the use of safe and legal graywater systems reduce the demand for precious potable water, stretching our water resources while providing valuable irrigation to our yards and gardens.

Graywater systems are legally subject to the Huntington Beach plumbing code, which reflects the CA plumbing code. The California Building Standards Commission (BSC) adopted new code language for graywater in the California Plumbing Code that took effect in 2009.

Please contact the Huntington Beach Community Development Building Division for further information about the City's graywater requirements.






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