Colorful abundance throughout the year

If you want flowers blooming throughout the year, the California Native plants listed below are just a few you can choose from, to create colorful abundance year round in your garden!

Listed below are names of plants selected by Tree of Life Nursery, and their usual blooming time. Please be aware that there are many factors influencing the flowering season and duration and there might also be yearly variations. Also note that California natives and California friendly plants should ideally be planted during October – May.

California Poppies

Bear berry - Arctostaphylos ‘Sunset’ (4 wks)
Bear berry - Arctostaphylos shrub forms (6 wks)
Point Reyes Wallflower - Erysimum concinnum (4 wks)

Golden Abundance Oregon Grape - Mahonia ‘Golden Abundance’ (6 wks)
Lemonade berry / Lemonade Sumac - Rhus integrifolia (3 wks)

Wild Lilac hybrids - Ceanothus griseus hybrids (4 wks)
Western Redbud - Cercis occidentalis (3 wks)
Blue Dicks / Desert Hyacinth - Dichelostemma capitatum (4 wks)
Coast Silk Tassel - Garrya elliptica (5 wks)
Coral Bells - Heuchera hybrids (5 wks)
Island Tree mallow - Lavatera assurgentiflora & ’Purisima’ (3 mos)
Bush mallow - Malacothamnus species (2 mos)
Chaparral Currant - Ribes malvaceum & speciosum (3 wks)
Blue Eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium bellum (4 wks)

Western Columbine - Aquilegia formosa (5 wks)
Bush Anemone - Carpenteria californica (6 wks)
California Poppy - Eschscholzia Californica (4 weeks)
Coast Sunflower - Encelia californica (3 mos)
Fleabane / Summer Starwort - Erigeron ‘Arthur Menzies’ (3 mos)
California Glory Flannel Bush - Fremontodendron species (6 wks)
Douglas Iris - Iris douglasiana (4 wks)
Monkey flowers / Musk flowers - Mimulus species (3 mos)
Beard Tongue - Penstemon species (3 wks)
Hollyleaf Cherry - Prunus ilicifolia ( 3 wks)

Wild Lilac - Ceanothus ‘Frosty Blue’ (4 wks)
Sulfur Flower - Eriogonum umbellatum (6 wks)
Flannel Bush / Fremontia - Fremontia ‘El Dorado Gold’ (4 wks)
Galvezia - Galvezia ‘Firecracker’ (6 mos)
Mexican Tulip Poppy - Hunnemannia fumariifolia (6 mos)
Nevin's Barberry - Mahonia nevinii (4 wks) Birds love this evergreen!
Matilija Poppy - Romneya ‘White Cloud’ (8 wks)
Yellow eyed grass - Sisyrinchium californicum (4 wks)

St. Catherine's Lace - Eriogonum giganteum (6 wks) Butterflies loves this plant!
Guadalupe Island Rock Daisy - Perityle incana (4 mos) Birds, bees and butterflies love the nectar and song birds loves the seeds!
Wild Mock Orange - Philadelphus lewisii (4 wks)
Autumn Sage - Salvia greggii (3 mos)
Cleveland Sage - Salvia clevelandii (3 wks)
Trichostema lanatum (2 mos)

Indian Mallow / Flowering Maple - Abutilon palmeri (8 wks)
Coral Vine - Antigonon leptopus (2 wks) Bees, birds and butterflies love the coral vine!
Orcutt's Indigo Bush - Dalea orcuttii (4 mos starting Apr)
Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat - Eriogonum arborescens (4 wks) Butterflies adore this one!
Catalina Ironwood - Lyonothamnus species (4 wks)
Baja Evening Primrose - Oenothera stubbei (8 wks)

Desert Willow - Chilopsis linearis (4 wks) Butterflies love this small tree!
California Fuchsia - Epilobium canum (4 wks)
Toyon / Christmas berry - Heteromeles arbutifolia (4 wks) Birds and butterflies!
Jerusalem Thorn / Mexican Paloverde - Parkinsonia aculeata (4 wks)
Cedros Island Verbena - Verbena lilacina (8 mos)

Summer Holly - Comarostaphylis diversifolia berries (5 wks)
Catalina Fuchsia - Epilobium ‘Catalina’ (4 wks)
Goldenbush - Isocoma species (3 wks)
Hot Lips Sage - Salvia microphylla (6 mos) Hummingbirds and butterflies love this sage!

Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia Rotundifolia (8 wks) Birds, bees and butterflies!!

California Lilacs - Ceanothus species & cultivars (3 wks)
Western Redbud - Cercis occidentalis (3 wks)
Monkeyflowers - Mimulus species & hybrids (4 wks)

Big Berry Manzanita - Arctostaphylos glauca & refugioensis (4 wks)
Clematis varieties - Clematis species seed (late winter to late fall!)
Tree Poppy / Bush Poppy - Dendromecon species (9 mos starting March)
Woolly Blue Curls - Trichostema lanatum (8 mos starting Apr)

Manzanita varieties - Arctostaphylos groundcovers (4 wks)
Berry Rue - Cneoridium dumosum (6 wks)
Toyon / Christmas berries - Heteromeles arbutifolia berries (2 mos)

Cape Mallow - Anisodontea hypomandarum

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