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Billy O'Connell, Council Member

Small business owner Billy O'Connell has been a resident of Huntington Beach for more than 20 years. He is active in the local community, and a long time member of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis of Huntington Beach and founder of Colette's Children's Home which has taken more than 3,000 homeless women and children off the streets.

Billy has been a member, acting chair and vice chair of the Huntington Beach Public Works Commission and serves on the Prop 63 Mental Health Act board of directors. He is active in many community organizations including the Orange County Community Action Partnership board of directors.

As a Council Member, Billy serves as the liaison to the Children's Needs Task Force, Historic Resources Board, Library Board and the Personnel Commission. He is a member of the following City Council committees: Beautification, Landscape & Tree, Santa Ana River and Parkway, and Southeast Area. In addition, Billy serves on the following Community and Regional Agencies: Orange County Coastal Commission, and the Santa Ana River Flood Protection Agency.

A native of New York, Billy graduated from St. Francis College in Brooklyn with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He has enjoyed raising his two children in Huntington Beach.

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