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Jill Hardy, Council Member

Jill Hardy is a fourth-generation resident of Huntington Beach. She earned a BA in Economics/Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara in 1992 and completed her MA in Economics at CSU Long Beach in 2002. In addition to serving on the City Council, Jill teaches at Marina High School. She is married and has two children.

Before her election to the City Council in 2002, Jill served Huntington Beach as a member of the Planning Commission. She has been active in many community organizations such as Huntington Beach Tomorrow and the Bolsa Chica Land Trust.

As a Council Member, Jill is serving as the liaison to the Allied Arts Board, Environmental Board, Historic Resources Board, and the Youth Board. She is a member of the following City Council committees: Intergovernmental Relations; Sister City Association; Sister City Association; and Southeast Area.

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