Waiver of Fine Deposit

A person who files a request for an Administrative Hearing at the same time may also request a hardship waiver of the fine deposit.  The person requesting the waiver bears the burden of establishing by substantial evidence that he or she does not have the financial ability to make the deposit of the fine.  The citee shall appear at the hearing or file a written declaration with the City Attorney’s Office, or the City Attorney’s Office designee, prior to the hearing.  The Hearing Officer will decide the request at the hearing date, time and place specified on the citation.  If approved the Hearing Officer or City Attorney’s Office, or City Attorney’s Office designee, will notify the citee of the hearing date for the citation.  If denied, the citee will be required to pay the fine deposit in full prior to receiving a hearing for the citation.

Please note that failure to take action may result in additional citations and/or fines at a rate of 18% annually.

Questions:  Please leave a message at (714) 375-8446 and your call will be returned to address any questions or concerns.

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