My Backflow Devices (Test Compliance Status)

Compliance Status Check System Currently Undergoing Maintenance. For questions please contact Cross Connection Control Customer Service at (714) 374-1687 or [email protected]

We are sorry for the inconvenience but our Test Compliance Status website is currently out of service for maintenance. We hope to have this operational within the next few months. Thank you for your patience.

Where's my customer number on my water bill?

Your customer number is provided on the backflow notifications and also in the upper right-hand corner of your water bill. Please enter the numbers before the dash; do not include the dash.

Responding quickly to a first notice will allow your tester the time to properly submit paperwork and avoid additional notices, delinquent fees, or a water service shut-off. However, receiving additional notices or having your search results show a non-compliance status confirms that you need to follow-up with your tester and/or with pending repairs. This user-friendly web site will help you or your tester to track the progress of complying with the required annual backflow testing. Backflow test information is updated in the morning and afternoon every weekday. Please give your tester a reasonable amount of time to submit your test reports. You may need to check back in a couple of days or call your tester. Thank you.

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