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The City’s Utilities Division makes extensive efforts, along with a diligent Water Quality Monitoring Program, to ensure that the public drinking water system exceeds the standards of the EPA and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The Cross Connection Control Program, mandated by the CDPH, is another extensive effort to make sure that high quality drinking water remains protected from potential sources of contamination that may exist within customers' plumbing systems and equipment on site. These programs and their records are thoroughly inspected by the CDPH on an annual basis, along with other data and monthly and incidental reports that are submitted.

Backflow prevention devices properly installed at the water meter, eliminates the potential for contaminated water to flow back into the public drinking water system by way of “cross connection” and “backflow”. Based on the regulation and the "degree of hazard" of the facility, the installation of these devices may be required after an inspection by a Cross Connection Control Specialist. The backflow prevention devices are required to be tested upon installation and on an annual basis as customers are notified by the City’s Utilities Division.

The City currently has more than 8,000 backflow prevention devices on record.

The Orange County Health Care Agency has a program under state regulations as well, which addresses backflow prevention within commercial and industrial facilities that have a “higher degree of potential health hazard.” This program corresponds with the City’s Cross Connection Program.

In order to protect against potential cross connection(s) inside your facility, and thermal expansion, it is necessary that you ensure that all equipment, plumbing, and piping be installed and maintained according to the California Plumbing Code.


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    • As of June, 2015, the only option for mailing addresses for annual backflow notifications is the address you provide to Water Billing. Revising/correcting your mailing address with Water Billing (714-536-5919) will cause the backflow records to self-correct. Please remember that maintaining a schedule for annual backflow testing, having a passing test report submitted for each device in each calendar year, before your annual test date, will maintain your compliance and prevent notifications from being sent. Our web site is very useful in assisting with self-monitoring. If you have 5 backflow devices or more, blank test forms can be provided to you on a one-time basis to be used as templates and to represent your inventory. The blank test forms, however, will require your careful revising as your inventory changes. Your templates can always be audited with the list of your backflow devices provided on the web site or with test forms sent to you in the initial annual backflow testing notifications.
    • The purpose of this policy is to expedite compliance with the state Health Department (CDPH) requirements, maintain an efficient enforcement process with Water Billing, and apply useful data processing practices. Thank you. Your cooperation is appreciated.

PLEASE REPORT ANY BACKFLOW DEVICE THEFTS TO CCC 714-536-5921 AND THE HBPD. Online reporting is also available: click here

Because of the potential for theft in commercial and industrial areas you may want to consider installing an enclosure to help protect your backflow prevention device, especially if it is located near the street and/or vulnerable to theft.

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Backflow Device

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