Pool Care

Swimming pools and spas are common in the City of Huntington Beach, but they must be maintained properly to guarantee that chemicals don’t enter the street, where they can flow into storm drains and then into our City and Orange County channels and ocean. Since water in storm drains is NOT treated, take the following precautions to protect our waterways.

It is preferred that pool and spa water is discharged to the sanitary sewer. However, pool and spa water may be discharged to the storm drain if residual chlorine is less than 0.1 mg/L, the pH is between 6.5 and 8.5, and the water is free of any unusual coloration, dirt, or algae. Control the volume, avoid high flows of pool water to discharge in order to prevent areas from flooding. Call 714-536-5431 to obtain more information.

Cleaning Pool


Filter Maintenance

Pool Water

Chlorine Removal

Sand filters, filter cartridges, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters should be washed or backwashed into the sewer system, NOT the storm drain system. DE is very harmful to aquatic life, so used DE must be bagged and disposed with trash


If you are disposing pool water into a sanitary sewer, make sure the water is free of any unusual coloration, dirt, or algae


Excess chlorine can be removed by discontinuing the use of chlorine for a few days prior to discharge or by purchasing dechlorinating chemicals from a pool supply company


More Information

For more information about proactive pool care to prevent polluted runoff, check out our applicable brochures below:

Tips for Pool Maintenance (Spanish)

Tips for Residential Pool, Landscape, and Hardscape Drains (Spanish)


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