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The Street Sweeping program was established in response to Federal and State Clean Water regulations, which were created to provide pollution control and to reduce the flow of urban runoff entering our storm drains, waterways, and ocean.

Parking control provides motivation for residents to move their vehicles, which allows for more efficient sweeping and more thorough debris removal. On a weekly basis, the city's street sweepers collect nearly 70 tons of rubbish from the streets and gutters.

For a permit to excuse parking for street sweeping for vehicles related to Building Permit work, please contact the Public Works front counter at 714-536-5431.

For more information about the Street Sweeping program or your neighborhood's street sweeping schedule, contact Maintenance Operations at 714-960-8861.

If you received a parking citation due to street sweeping and would like more information, please call (800) 989-2058.

Street Sweeping Holiday Information:

The city’s street sweeping contractor observes only the following six holidays each year.  Therefore, street sweepers are cancelled on the day these holidays are observed.  During the week following these holidays, street sweepers stay on their normal schedule but without HBPD Parking Control enforcement/ticketing that week.  Residents are encouraged to move their cars so the street sweeper can do its job.

Holidays Observed:

New Year’s Day

President’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Friday after Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

For specific information regarding the holiday schedule, please contact Maintenance Operations at 714-960-8861.


Did you know?

Huntington Beach has 75 parks and these parks have 754 acres!  You can find information about the City parks by viewing our City Parks Locator.

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