Food Facilities

The Food Service Establishment (FSE) Inspection program provides the City, through the FOG ordinance, with the authority to inspect and monitor the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Using BMPs will reduce the likelihood of a Sewage System Overflow (SSO).

Illustration of a typical SSO entering a storm drain

Restaurants are inspected on a two tiered inspection schedule. FSEs with grease removal devices such as hydro-mechanical interceptors (grease traps) or gravity interceptors (grease interceptors) are inspected once a year and FSEs without any grease removal devices are inspected at least twice a year. New FSEs that produce FOG through the cooking, processing, or rendering of beef, poultry, or fish are required to install an inline grease removal device such as a hydro-mechanical grease interceptor or a gravity grease interceptor. See Municipal Code section 14.56 for requirements and guidelines.

Drain screens, a required BMP, is used to prevent food particles from building up in pipes and causing clogs

What can I do in the event of a sewer system overflow?

For information on handling SSOs, visit:
Orange County Food Safety Sanitation Manual or CalFOG Guidelines

Restaurant BMP guidelines and informational documents:

  1. Control of Fats, Oils, & Grease Ordinance
  2. Training Manual, (Spanish Version, Manual de Entrenamiento)
  3. Training Manual Attachments
    1. Employee Training Log
    2. Grease Trap Service Record
    3. Grease Recycling/Rendering and Grease Trap and - Grease Interceptor Service Providers
    4. Hood Filter & Soak Tank Service Providers
  4. Fog Program Training Videos
    1. English Version
    2. Spanish Version

Did you know?

The Huntington Beach Fire Department charges for emergency medical services and ambulance transportation.  However, residents can join the FireMed Program and protect their out-of-pocket costs!  Read more about the FireMed Program.

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