Plan Check Information

Documents that will help developers and engineers plan and submit drawings for their projects. From submitting a grading plan for a new house for the first time to planning for a whole new neighborhood, these documents will get you going in the right direction.

Traffic Control Plan General Notes (pdf)
General notes for large sheet traffic control plans.

Application for Plan Checking (pdf)  
Application for all plans submitted to Public Works for checking. Ex: Grading Plan, Street Improvement Plan, Landscape Plan, etc.

City of Huntington Beach Public Works Grading Manual
Manual for the preparation of grading plans.

Grading Plan Check List (pdf)
A list of items required to be a on a grading plan but are frequently missed at the time of first plan check submittal. This list must accompany the first plan check submittals or the plans will not be accepted.

Grading Plan General Notes (Word)
Notes that must be included on every grading plan.

Final Tract & Parcel Map Checklist (pdf)
Submittal requirements for final tract map and final parcel maps. The final tract map or final parcel map must be submitted concurrently to the Orange County Surveyor.

Lot Line Adjustment Information SEE ALSO Lot Line Adjustment Form (pdf)
Required when any proposed structure will extend over adjacent lot lines. Up to four lots maximum may be combined.

Plan Check Flow Chart (pdf)
Diagram illustrating the Public Works plan check process.

“As-Built” Plan Instructions
Instructions to engineers for submittal of final drawings, reflecting all revisions applied to an approved plan.

Sample Grading Plan (AutoCAD Files)

Standard Title Sheet (AutoCAD File)

Download AutoCAD free web viewer

Did you know?

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