Planning Division Staff

Planning Division Organization Chart

Planning Administration

Jane James, Interim Director of Community Development  [email protected]
Kim De Coite, Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Judy Graham, Administrative Secretary [email protected]
Tania Moore, Administrative Secretary [email protected]
Katie James, Office Assistant [email protected]

Advance Planning

Jennifer Villasenor, Planning Manager [email protected]
Ricky Ramos, Senior Planner  [email protected]
Hayden Beckman, Senior Planner [email protected]
Tess Nguyen, Associate Planner [email protected]
Nicolle Bourgeois, Associate Planner [email protected]

Current Planning

Jane James, Planning Manager                                 [email protected]
Jason Kelley, Senior  Planner [email protected]
Joanna Cortez, Associate Planner [email protected]
Jessica Bui, Associate Planner [email protected]
Wayne Carvalho, Contract Planner [email protected]
Lindsay Ortega, Contract Planner [email protected]

Code Enforcement

Rich Massi, Code Enforcement Supervisor [email protected]
Richard Hedden, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Jimmy Hoang, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Devin Michaelis, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Kathy Schooley, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Eric Tlilayatzi, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]

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Contact Information

City of Huntington Beach
Planning Division
2000 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA
Phone: (714) 536-5271
Fax: (714) 374-1648

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