"Second Opinion" Services

Anytime you need further clarification or if additional confirmation regarding your zoning matter is necessary, feel free to ask for a “Second Opinion.” While we are legally responsible to apply the zoning code, development regulations and policies to foster quality development, Planning and Building staff, want to ensure complete and clear information has been given to minimize any confusion. Our commitment is one of open communication designed to ensure the highest quality of entitlement processing, plan checking, code interpretation, and neighborhood preservation.

Jane James, Planning Manager, (714) 536-5271

Entitlement Processing

Jason Kelley, Senior Planner, (714) 536-5271
Zoning Counter, Land Use, Code Interpretations, and Planning Plan Check

Rich Massi, Code Enforcement Supervisor, (714) 536-5271
Code Enforcement/Zoning Code Violations

For further clarification regarding Building, Fire, and Public Works requirements, contact:

Mark Carnahan, Building Manager, (714) 536-5241

Building and Safety Plan Check and Inspections

Bill Reardon, Fire Division Chief, (714) 536-5411

Fire Prevention

Debbie DeBow, Principal Civil Engineer, (714) 536-5431

Public Works Requirements

Second Opinion Services HB

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Phone: (714) 536-5271
Fax: (714) 374-1648

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