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Code Enforcement

Effective March 9, 2023:


If you wish to report a complaint about a potential Municipal or Zoning Code violation by a business located within a commercial, mixed use or industrial zone in Huntington Beach, please submit the following information through the City's MyHB App or website at


A. A detailed description of the complaint regarding the business in question


B. Your name and contact information (i.e. phone number and/or email address)


C. A photo of your Driver’s License, State-Issued ID, or City of Huntington Beach Employee Badge.


The City is unable to accept, process, or investigate your complaint without all three items, per HBMC 1.18.025.


For questions, please email [email protected].


To determine which zone the business is located in, please use the City's Zoning Map at:


Please note that all complaints submitted to the City are a public record.


City Hall is open to the public as of June 15, 2021.  You may wish to contact the Community Development Department via email at [email protected], the MyHB app on your mobile device, the City website, or our online submittal system HB ACA. To get in line for Permit Center services, please click the Get in Line link below.

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Code Enforcement

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Photo of House In Violation of Code


The mission of the Code Enforcement Program is to promote a healthy community environment through education and communication.


The City of Huntington Beach is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life throughout the community including residential neighborhoods and commercial and industrial areas.  To help achieve this goal, the City has adopted codes that ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Code Enforcement Service Goals and Standards

What is Code Enforcement?

The Code Enforcement program enforces municipal codes pertaining to substandard housing, property maintenance and land-use in an effort to upgrade residential properties to the standards set forth in the Uniform Housing Code.  The program initiates community teamwork through public education, participation in Task Force groups and public cooperation.

Code Enforcement officers respond to citizen complaints submitted to the City, in addition to initiating proactive enforcement as appropriate.  On-site inspections and public education are major components of Code Enforcement's functions as well as collaboration with City departments, task force groups and outside agencies.

Other functions include:

Code Enforcement Resources

Division Staffing

The Code Enforcement Division is staffed by eight personnel, including five Code Enforcement Officers and one Code Enforcement Technician assigned to specific enforcement areas within the City.  Additionally, the Code Enforcement Supervisor provides field support to the officers and assistance with more challenging cases requiring specific expertise and extensive experience.

These six officers have cumulatively over 100 years of code enforcement experience among them, and have achieved numerous certifications from professional organizations such as the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO), the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE), and the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO). This continued professional growth ensures they remain informed and aware of the most current enforcement techniques, regulations and legislation pertaining to Code Enforcement.

Jimmy Hoang, Code Enforcement Supervisor [email protected]
Carol Menendez, Senior Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Bobby Avina, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Devin Michaelis, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Eric Tlilayatzi, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Gerardo Jimenez, Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Roy Hernandez, Code Enforcement Office [email protected]
Janice Cross, Code Enforcement Technician [email protected]
Vinh Vo, Code Enforcement Technician [email protected]
Eva Casey, Office Assistant II [email protected]


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Code Enforcement

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