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Seawater Desalination Facility

The project, proposed by Poseidon Resources Corporation, consists of the construction and operation of a 50 million gallon per day seawater desalination facility within the City of Huntington Beach. The proposed desalination project would consist of seawater intake system, pretreatment facilities, a seawater desalination facility utilizing reverse osmosis technology, post-treatment facilities, product water storage, chemical storage, electrical substation, on- and off-site booster pump stations, and 48- to 54-inch diameter product water transmission pipelines in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.

Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (August 23, 2010)

Augment to Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report


Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report No. 10-001 for the Seawater Desalination Project at Huntington Beach


Responses to Comments for the Seawater Desalination Project at Huntington Beach

August 17, 2005  (Large File)

Responses to Comments

Introduction Federal Agencies
State Agencies Regional Agencies
Local Agencies Private Organizations
Individual Letters Section 1 Individual Letters Section 2
Individual Letters Section 3  

Recirculated Environmental Impact Report

Cover - Table of Content CH 6: Long Term Implications
CH 1: Executive Summary CH 7: Alternatives
CH 2: Introduction CH 8: Effects
CH 3: Project Description CH 9: Organizations
CH 4: Existing Conditions CH 10: Bibliography 
CH 5: Environmental Analysis  

Appendices for Recirculated EIR

A. Noise M. Pump Station Cultural Resources
B. Air Quality N. Disinfection Byproduct Formation
C. Hydrodynamic Modeling O. Distribution System Corrosion Control
D. Pressure Surge Analysis P. Growth Assessment & GP Evaluation
E. Watershed Sanitary Survey Q. Local & Regional Power Requirements
F. Marine Biological Analysis R. Local Alternative Site Investigation
G. Preliminary Pipeline Assessment S. Marine Biological Considerations
I. Geological Report - Desalination Site T. Intake Effects Assessment 
I. Geological Report - Product Water Tank U. Receiving Water Chemistry & Quality Report
J. Correspondence V. Preliminary Seismic Assessment
K. RO Membrane Cleaning Solution Discharge Data W. Diffuser Report
L. Pump Station Biological Constraints X. Desalination Facilities Located Throughout World 


Recirculated Environmental Impact Report (Searchable .pdf Format)

Cover - Table of Content CH 5.6:  Environmental Analysis - Public Service
CH 1:  Executive Summary CH 5.7:  Environmental Analysis - Aesthetics
CH 2:  Introduction CH 5.8:  Environmental Analysis - Hazards
CH 3:  Project Description CH 5.9:  Environmental Analysis - Construction Impacts
CH 4:  Existing Conditions CH 5.10:  Environmental Analysis - Marine Biological Resources
CH 5.0:  Environmental Analysis - Overview CH 5.11:  Environmental Analysis - Product Water Quality
CH 5.1:  Environmental Analysis - Land Use CH 6:  Long Term Implications
CH 5.2:  Environmental Analysis - Geology CH 7:  Alternatives
CH 5.3:  Environmental Analysis - Hydrology CH 8:  Effects
CH 5.4:  Environmental Analysis - Air Quality CH 9:  Organizations
CH 5.5:  Environmental Analysis - Noise CH 10: Bibliography

NOTE:  Exhibits are NOT included in the searchable EIR.  To view exhibits please refer to non-searchable EIR

The formatting on the searchable EIR may have altered from the original EIR due to the conversion to a searchable .pdf.  To avoid confusion please reference the original non-searchable version of the EIR when submitting comments. 

Previous Staff Reports & EIR

Planning Commission Staff Report for CUP No. 02-04 & CDP No. 02-05

Staff Report

Attachment 2 - Elevations 4
Attachment 2 - Site Plan Attachment 2 - Elevations 5
Attachment 2 - Floor Plan 1 Attachment 2 - Elevations 6
Attachment 2 - Floor Plan 2 Attachment 5 - CEQA Findings
Attachment 2 - Floor Plan 3 Attachment 6 - Mitigation Monitoring 1
Attachment 2 - Elevations 1 Attachment 6 - Mitigation Monitoring 2
Attachment 2 - Elevations 2 Revised Conditions of Approval - July 22, 2003
Attachment 2 - Elevations 3  Revised Attachment 1 - July 22, 2003

Planning Commission Staff Report for Environmental Impact Report No. 00-02

Staff Report Attachment 5 - Coastal Commission Letter - Part 2
Attachment 1 - Resolution No. 1581 Staff Report for July 8, 2003
Attachment 4 - Errata pages to final EIR Attachment 2 for July 8, 2003 (Excerpt from DEIR pgs 5-2 through 5-6) 
Attachment 5 - Coastal Commission Letter - Part 1 Attachment 3 for July 8, 2003 (Excerpt from DEIR pgs 3-20 through 3-23) 

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Cover - Table of Content Long Term Implications
Executive Summary Alternatives
Introduction Effects
Project Description Organizations
Environmental Analysis Bibliography 

Response to Comments to Draft Environmental Impact Report

State Comments Appendix B
Regional Comments Appendix C
Local Comments Appendix D
Private Party Comments Appendix E
Appendix A  

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