The Pacific City EIR public comment period closed in December and City Staff along with the City's consultant, EIP, are currently preparing the Response to Comments which should be completed in the next two weeks.  The first public hearing for the project is set for March 23, 2004 before the Planning Commission.






Draft Environmental Impact Report No. 02-01 for the Pacific City Project

The firm of EIP Associates, under contract to the City of Huntington Beach, has prepared Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) No. 02-01 (State Clearinghouse # 2003011024) for the proposed Pacific City project.   The EIR includes an analysis of potential environmental impacts associated with construction and implementation of the project. 

The EIR will be available for public review and comment commencing Friday, October 17, 2003 and ending Wednesday, December 3, 2003.  Written comments on the EIR must be submitted to Mary Beth Broeren, City of Huntington Beach Planning Department, 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, California 92648 by 5:00 p.m., December 3, 2003.

The EIR is on file at the locations listed below. The libraries each have one reference copy of the Draft EIR that may not be checked out and two additional copies of the Draft EIR available for short-term checkout. 


City of Huntington Beach Department of Planning, 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach

Central Library, 7111 Talbert Avenue, Huntington Beach

Main Street Branch Library, 525 Main Street, Huntington Beach

Project Description:

The project, proposed by Makallon Atlanta Huntington Beach, LLC, consists of the development of 31.5 gross acres of vacant land.  Project components include a visitor-serving/neighborhood commercial center adjacent to Pacific Coast Highway with up to 400 rooms of hospitality (i.e. hotel) and up to 240,000 square feet of  retail, office, restaurant, cultural and entertainment uses with approximately 1,543 subterranean parking spaces; a residential village inland (northeast) of the commercial center with 516 condominium homes, 1,360 subterranean and surface parking spaces and private and public open space; and vehicular and pedestrian improvements including the extension of Pacific View Avenue between Huntington and First Streets and a future pedestrian overpass across Pacific Coast Highway.  The site is located located east of First Street, west of Huntington Street, south of Atlanta Avenue and north of Pacific Coast Highway in the downtown area of the City of Huntington Beach.

Final EIR - Volume III

Ch. 1 - Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction
Ch. 2.0-2.3 - Text Changes
Ch. 2.4 - Appendix Changes
Ch. 3.0-3.3 - Organization of the Responses to Comments 
Ch. 3.4 - Responses to Comments

Draft EIR - Volume I

Cover - Title Ch. 3.8 - Hydrology & Water Quality 
Table of Contents Ch. 3.9 - Land Use & Planning 
Executive Summary  Ch. 3.10 - Noise 
Ch. 1 - Introduction Ch. 3.11 - Population & Housing 
Ch. 2 - Project Description  Ch. 3.12 - Public Service 
Ch. 3 - Environmental Impact Analysis  Ch. 3.13 - Recreation 
Ch. 3.1 - Aesthetics Ch. 3.14 - Transportation/Traffic 
Ch. 3.2 - Air Quality Ch. 3.15 - Utilities & Service Systems 
Ch. 3.3 - Biological Resources Ch. 4 - Alternatives to the Proposed Project  
Ch. 3.4 - Cultural Resources

Ch. 5 - Long-Term Implications 

Ch. 3.5 - Energy & Mineral Resources Ch. 6 - List of Preparers 
Ch. 3.6 - Geology & Soil  Ch. 7 - References 
Ch. 3.7 - Hazardous Materials   

Draft EIR - Volume II

Cover - Title Appendix F - Specific Plan Conformity
Table of Contents Appendix G - Drainage Study
Appendix A - Initial Study/NOP Appendix H - Traffic
Appendix B - Air Quality Data Appendix I - Biological Resources Information
Appendix C - Noise Data Appendix J - Geotechnical Investigation
Appendix D - Water & Sewer Materials Appendix K - Shade & Shadow Diagrams
Appendix E - Hazardous Materials Appendix L - Cultural Resources

Meeting Dates:

A Public Meeting to receive comments on the adequacy of the Draft Environmental Impact Report will be held November 13, 2003.   Registration and information review will be from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM; public comments will be from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM in Rooms C & D at the Huntington Beach Central Library located at 7111 Talbert Avenue.  Subsequent to the comment period, a pubic hearing will be scheduled before the City of Huntington Beach Planning Commission.  No specific hearing date has been established at this time. 

Public Meeting Notes (.pdf 308k)

Significant environmental effects anticipated to result from the proposed project:

The EIR determined that implementation of the proposed project would result in the following significant or potentially significant impacts: 

Significant, unavoidable impacts in the following issue areas:

  • Air Quality
  • Transportation/Traffic

Potentially significant impacts that could be mitigated to a less-than-significant level in the following issue areas:

  • Aesthetics
  • Biological Resources
  • Cultural Resources
  • Geology and Soils
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hydrology and Water Quality  
  • Noise
  • Population and Housing
  • Public Services
  • Recreation
  • Transportation/Traffic
  • Utilities and Service Systems 

The project site is not located on a hazardous materials site listed on the DTSC-CORTESE list.  However, the site has abandoned oil wells and soil contamination due to the former oil field use.  In addition, the site is listed on the HAZNET database due to removal of asbestos-containing waste associated with former on-site uses.

For further information, please contact Mary Beth Broeren, Principal Planner, at 714-536-5550.