Planning Major Projects - Gothard Townhomes

Project Name: Gothard Townhomes

Applicant: Moses Kim

Location: 19100 Gothard Street, 92648

Project Summary

To develop 21 attached condominium units on an approximately 1.28 net acre lot. The project includes a density bonus of two additional units in addition to the 19 base units (21 total) with a concession to development standards for patio wall heights at 42 inches within the setback in lieu of the requirement to exceed 42 inches high; and three waivers of development standards: 1) reduced front yard setback of 5 ft. in lieu of minimum 15 ft.; 2) relief from an average 10 ft. third story setback above the second story; and 3) a 10 ft. separation for 3-story buildings in lieu of a minimum 20 ft.

Project Status: Plan Check

Project Planner: Jessica Bui

Last Updated: September 10, 2018

Attachments: N/A

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