Planning Major Projects - PCH Mixed Use Development

Project Name: PCH Mixed Use Development

Applicant: Houshang Moghimi, Euro26, Inc.

Location: 602-620 Pacific Coast Highway (between 6th Street and 7th Street)

Project Summary

The PCH Mixed Use Development project involves the construction of a 109,892 sq. ft. mixed-use project consisting of 4 levels, 29 condominium units (levels 2-4), 10,495 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant use (level 1), 117 parking spaces (14 spaces at grade and 103 spaces at 2 levels of subterranean parking), and alcohol and live entertainment for the proposed restaurant in the coastal zone.  The Project was approved but the variance was denied by the Planning Commission on May 22, 2018

Project Status: Planning

Project Planner: Tess Nguyen

Last Updated: September 10, 2018

Attachments: N/A

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