Planning Major Projects - Windward Residential Development

Project Name: Windward Residential Development

Applicant: Signal Landmark

Location: 17202 Bolsa Chica (East side of Bolsa Chica St., South of Los Patos Avenue)

Project Summary

Signal Landmark proposes to construct a 36-unit for-sale development on a 2.5 acre vacant site in the coastal zone. The project includes: 1/ a General Plan Amendment to change the existing land use designation from Open Space Park to Residential Medium Density; 2/ a Zoning Map Amendment to change existing zoning designation from Residential Agriculture to Specific Plan; 3/ a Zoning Text Amendment to establish the Windward Specific Plan for the development of the site; and 4/ a Local Coastal Program Amendment to amend maps and text to reflect the proposed land use and zoning designations.

Project Status: Planning

Project Planner: Tess Nguyen

Last Updated: May 14, 2018

Attachments: N/A

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