Planning Major Projects - Newland Condominiums

Project Name: Newland Condominiums

Applicant: The Olson Company

Location: West Side of Newland St., South of Slater Ave.

Project Summary

The Olson Company proposes consolidation of two parcels for a one-lot subdivision to construct a development of 13 for-sale townhome condominium units along with associated open space and infrastructure. The project includes a request for a density bonus for one additional unit and one incentive for reduction in development standards in exchange for affordable housing as allowed by State Law and the HBZSO.  As part of the request for a density bonus and associated incentive, Olson Company proposes an Affordable Housing Agreement with the City that establishes two of the 13 units as affordable units for persons and families of moderate income.

Project Status: Completed

Project Planner: Jason Kelley

Last Updated: September 10, 2018

Attachments: N/A

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