Planning Major Projects - Parkside Estates

Project Name: Parkside Estates

Applicant: Shea Homes

Location: West side of Graham St., south of Warner Ave., along the East Garden Grove Wintersburg Flood Channel

Project Summary

Project includes 111 single family residences, 23 acres of preserved, restored and enhanced open space, 1.6 acre neighborhood park, public trails, creation of a water quality treatment system that will treat over 25% of the dry-weather flow from Slater watershed that currently flows untreated to Bolsa Chica and the Ocean.
Approved by Coastal Commission October 11, 2012

Next Steps: Property owner developing construction drawings and completion of infrastructure.  Permits have been issued for the three (3) model homes.

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Project Status: Plan Check

Project Planner: Jason Kelley

Last Updated: September 10, 2018

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