Planning Major Projects - Monogram Apartments (Formerly Pedigo)

Project Name: Monogram Apartments (Formerly Pedigo)

Applicant: Pedigo Products, Inc. and Pedigo South, Inc.,

Location: 5 parcels located at the SW corner of Edinger Ave and Gothard St.

Project Summary

Applicant: c/o Ken Keefe & Rick Lamprecht, ArchRock Development Group, LLC, 4000 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661

Location: 7262, 7266, 7280 Edinger Ave & 16001, 17091 Gothard St.- Encompassing approximately 8.5 acres

Four-story with lofts apartment building consisting of 510 dwelling units, 25,815 sq. ft. public open space, 55,396 sq. ft. private open space, and approximately 5,097 sq. ft. leasing office wrapped around a six-level 862-space parking structure.

Status: Entitlements approved (7/9/13, DA 9/16/13)- Permits issues for construction.  Phases 1 and 3 have been finaled

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Planner: Jason Kelley

Last Updated: September 10, 2018

Attachments: N/A

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