Beach and Warner Mixed Use Project

The project includes the construction of two new retail buildings at the corner of Warner Avenue and Beach Boulevard, new mixed-use buildings along both Warner and Beach and two new parking structures. The proposed mixed-use building along Beach Boulevard (Beach Mixed-Use building) would be bound by Beach Boulevard to the east, Cypress Avenue to the south, Elm Street to the west, and the internal roadway to the north. The Beach Mixed-Use building would include 20,600 of commercial uses, 202 residential apartment units and common area. Parking for all uses would be provided in an internal three-level, 481-stall parking structure. Retail and restaurants uses would front Beach Boulevard, while residential uses would be located along Elm Street and Cypress Avenue. Residential uses also would be located on levels 3 through 6 of the building, above the commercial uses and the parking podium.

The proposed mixed-use building along Warner Avenue (Warner Mixed-Use building) would be bound by Warner Avenue to the north, the internal roadway to the east, the existing six-story parking structure to the south, and Sycamore Avenue to the west. The proposed building would consist of 5,600 sf of commercial uses, 77 residential apartments units (including four live-work units) and common area. Parking for these uses would be contained in an internal two-level, 55-stall parking structure and in the existing parking structure to the south. The retail shops and restaurants uses would front both Warner Avenue and the internal roadway. Residential uses would be located at the street level along Ash Street, above the retail and parking podium on levels 2 through 6 of the proposed building and in four live-work units on Warner Avenue. Two new 5,500 sf retail buildings would be constructed on the corner of Beach Boulevard and Warner Avenue, flanking the existing fifteen-story office tower.

Under the proposed project, the existing fifteen-story 196,000 square-foot (sf) office building; the 18,531 sf retail/restaurant building along Warner Avenue; the 7,205 sf restaurant on Beach Boulevard; and the six-story, 863 stall parking structure located at the northeast corner of Sycamore Avenue and Ash Street would remain. All other existing buildings on the project site would be demolished and replaced with new development.

The project site is not present on any lists enumberated under Section 65962.5 of the Government Code including, but not limited to, lists of hazardous waste disposal sites.

Please contact Rosemary Medel, Associate Planner at (714) 536-5271 for additional information.

Final Environmental Impact Report (October 2011)

Cover and Front Material

Chapter 8 -- Introduction to the Final EIR

Chapter 9 -- Changes to the Draft EIR

Chapter 10 -- Responses to Comments

Appendix A -- Air Quality Data (Revised)

Appendix C -- Noise Data (Revised)

Appendix D -- Traffic Analysis (Revised)


Draft Environmental Impact Report

Draft EIR No. 10-003 analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed Beach and Warner Mixed Use Project.

Volume III Final EIR (April 2011, superseded by the October 2011 Final EIR)
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Cover and Front Material

Chapter 1 -- Introduction

Chapter 2 -- Summary

Chapter 3 -- Project Description

Chapter 4

Section 4-0 -- Introduction to the Analysis

Section 4-1 -- Aesthetics

Section 4-2 -- Air Quality

Section 4-3 -- Biological Resources

Section 4-4 -- Cultural Resources

Section 4-5 -- Geology and Soils

Section 4-6 -- Hazards and Hazardous Materials

Section 4-7 -- Hydrology and Water Quality

Section 4-8 -- Land Use Planning

Section 4-9 -- Noise

Section 4-10 -- Population and Housing

Section 4-11 -- Public Services

Section 4-12 -- Recreation

Section 4-13 -- Transportation and Traffic

Section 4-14 -- Utilities and Service Systems

Section 4-15 -- Climate Change

Chapter 5 -- Other CEQA Considerations

Chapter 6 -- Alternatives to the Proposed Project

Chapter 7 -- Report Preparers

Appendix A -- Air Quality Data

Appendix B -- Foundation Investigation Report

Appendix C -- Noise Data

Appendix D -- Traffic Analysis

Appendix E -- Water Supply Assessment

Project Planner: Rosemary Medel, Associate Planner, (714) 374-1684

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