The Village at Bella Terra

Project Description

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The Village at Bella Terra project is located at 7777 Edinger Avenue – the former Montgomery Wards -- in the northern part of the City. It is immediately adjacent to Bella Terra, an approximately 777,000 square foot shopping center, which is owned by DJM, an affiliate of the applicant, BTDJM Phase II Associates, LLC. BTDJM Phase II Associates, LLC, proposes General Plan Amendment (GPA) No. 10-001, Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) No. 10-001, and Site Plan Review (SPR) No. 10-001 for The Village at Bella Terra-- Costco that would facilitate the development of a regional commercial big-box retail with gasoline service station and mixed-use retail and residential project. In general, this project is a proposal to amend the planning areas within Specific Plan (SP) No. 13; establish warehouse sales outlets, gasoline service stations, and tire sales/installations as permitted uses; create corresponding design and development standards for such uses; and develop a mixed-use project. The proposal includes demolition of the Montgomery Ward building and associated auto repair building, the vacant Mervyn's store, and the adjacent in-line retail stores. The project includes development of a 154,113 square foot Costco with associated 16-pump gas station, tire sales/installations, and outside food service on the northern portion of the site closest to Center Avenue. The request includes a reduction in parking based on a shared parking concept. The mixed-use development includes 467 residential units within a four-story building; approximately 13,500 square feet of residential amenities such as a clubhouse room, fitness center, leasing office, and lobby areas; and an approximately 700-space five-level residential parking garage in the central portion of the site. Approximately 17,500 square feet of retail and restaurant uses are proposed on the ground floor of the residential building. An additional 12,000 square feet of general retail and restaurant uses are proposed on the southern portion of the site along Edinger Avenue as well as a 1,920 square foot pavilion building within a landscaped greenbelt area.

Current Status

The Planning Commission will be discussing the proposed project and Addendum EIR No. 07-03 at the August 10, 2010 Study Session. A public hearing for the project is tentatively scheduled for August 24, 2010.

Public Documents

An Addendum to EIR No. 07-03, certified by the Planning Commission in October 2008, has been prepared to compare the environmental effects of the revised project with the previously approved project. Pursuant to CEQA, Addendum EIRs are provided for informational purposes. They do not require approval via a public hearing but, rather, are provided to the decision makers for their consideration as background information. Addendums are not circulated to the public for comment nor do they have a public comment period. The Addendum EIR No. 07-03 is available for review at the Community Development Department, the City Clerk's Office, and the city's website.

Draft Addednum to EIR 2007-03

Appendix A -- Revised Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Appendix B -- AQMP Consistency

Appendix C -- Costco Wholesale Gasoline Dispensing Facility

Appendix D -- Preliminary Site Assessment - Phase I Update and Subsurface Assessment Phase II

Appendix E -- Traffic Noise Levels

Appendix F -- Supplemental Traffic Analysis


Volume I

Cover/Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- Introduction

Chapter 2 -- Summary

Chapter 3 -- Project Description

Chapter 4 -- Environmental Analysis

Chapter 5 -- Other CEQA Considerations

Chapter 6 -- Alternatives to the Project

Chapter 7 -- Report Preparers


Volume II

Cover/Table of Contents

Appendix A -- Initial Study/Notice of Preparation

Appendix B -- Air Quality Data

Appendix C -- Biological Data

Appendix D -- Cultural Data

Appendix E -- Geological Data

Appendix F -- Phase I Environmental Study

Appendix G -- Noise Data

Appendix H -- Traffic Impact Analysis

Appendix I -- Utilities/Hydrology Data

Volume III -- Final EIR

Cover/Table of Contents

Chapter 8 -- Introduction to Final EIR

Chapter 9 -- Changes to Draft EIR

Chapter 10 -- Responses to Comments


Initial Study

Notice of Preparation for Initial Study

Initial Study

Site Plan

Project Planner:

Jane James, Senior Planner, (714) 536-5596

Did you know?

Solar chimneys are passive solar ventilation systems. Shafts connect the interior and exterior of the building. The functioning can be improved by glazing and using thermal mass materials.  Learn more about solar.

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