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Planning Environmental Reports

Title: LeBard Park and Residential Project

Applicant: Huntington Beach Unified School District

Location: LeBard Park, 20451 & 20461 Craimer Ln

Report Summary

The project includes a proposal by the Huntington Beach City School District to amend the existing Public Zoning and General Plan land use designations on an approximately 9.7-acres surplus closed school site (LeBard Elementary School) for public recreation and single-family residential uses. The City would acquire 6.5 acres of the LeBard Elementary school site that are currently developed with sports fields as an addition to the adjoining approximately 3-acre developed portion of LeBard Park. Improvements within the sports fields and existing park area would include a new concession/restroom/storage building, relocation of bleachers and bullpens, accessibility upgrades and an expanded parking lot. Other improvements include grading and drainage within the park and sports fields area and a new passive recreational area. The existing amenities in LeBard Park and all six sports fields would remain. The project also includes a 15-lot, low-density single-family residential planned unit development subdivision in the 3.2-acre area where the original school building and pavement/parking area are currently developed. If approved, the subdivided area would be sold to a private home building for development of the residences. Additionally, because the project would be a planned unit development, a public benefit must be provided. The HBCSD has proposed a new restroom/concession and storage building and other park upgrades as part of the public benefit. The project requires a variance to address perimeter landscaping requirements in the park parking lot and a conditional use permit to address differences in existing elevations across the site.

The project and a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) were approved by the City Council on July 20, 2015. 

For further information, please contact Jennifer Villasenor at 714-374-1661 or [email protected].

Project Status: Adopted

Project Planner: Jennifer Villasenor

Last Updated: May 06, 2015


  1. Appendix A: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases Model Outputs
  2. Appendix B: Arborist Report
  3. Appendix C: Biological Resources Data
  4. Appendix D: Cultural Resources Data
  5. Appendix E: Paleontological Records Search
  6. Appendix F: Geotechnical Report
  7. Appendix G: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  8. Appendix H: Noise Model Outputs
  9. Appendix I: Trafffic Study
  10. Appendix J: Parking Study
  11. Appendix K: Water Resources Data
  12. Inital Study_Mitigated Negative Declaration- LeBard Park

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